10 Best Hot Springs in New Zealand You Got to Soak In

Hot Springs are always pleasant especially the idea of the stress that you’d be relieved of after a soothing soak. There are many known hot springs today round the globe and New Zealand happens to top the chart with the largest number of hot springs known to the region. Hot Springs are produced when heated groundwater rises from the earth’s crust and gets thinner heating up water near the surface. When these hot springs meets the cold water bodies and then making the water moderate enough to soak in for a pleasant experience. Here is the top hot springs in New Zealand you got to experience-

  1. Spa Park in Taupo, North Island: a popular spa thermal park, this geothermal pool area is popular for picnic and favorite hot spot for tourists and locals alike. One thing which makes this place real alluring is its scenic surrounding and natural environment making you feel more relaxed.
  2. Hot Water Beach in Coromandel, North Island: how refreshing would it be to lay back in a hot spring enjoying the sea to your side? That’s incredible for sure, as Hot Water Beach in Coromandel allows you to do so with some extra effort where you got to dig your own spa spring. Sure it is! All you got to do is bring along a shovel or a spade and start digging your personal pool in the sand.
  3. Welcome Flat Hot Pools in Copeland River, South Island: just as the name suggests this place is stunning with its abundant forests, panoramic alpine views and of course the river which completes the entire idea of a natural hot spring. Summer and autumn are the best time to enjoy this hot spring where usually you’ll need an overnight trip to reach the spot. Lodgings are available.
  4. Kaitoke Hot Springs in Great Barrier Island: if you love it all natural, this is where you got to be. You won’t find any man made improvements over here. It’s only you and nature! Kaitoke Hot Springs is a north way drive from Claris in to the Whangaparapara Road and then an hour walk to the hot springs.
  5. Mangatutu Hot Springs Campsite in Kaweka Forest Park, Napier: a popular camping spot, Mangatutu is lauded with scenic picnic spot and fishing activities are a favorite pastime here. You’d experience a beautiful blend of manmade and natural presentation here. The springs are all natural however the facilities are manmade to an extent.
  6. Kawhia Springs in Waitomo, North Island: one of the nature’s best covert is the Kawhia Springs. The scenic and serene beach and not to forget the unmarred nature is just where every traveler would find solace. Moreover you got to dig your own hot spring in the sand.
  7. Wai-O-Tapu in Rotorua in North Island: at the end of the Okataina Volcanic Center, Wai-O-Tapu is an active geothermal area and a short drive from Rotorua or Taupo. There are a lot of things you can pick to feed your memories from naturally colored springs, streaming ground, sweeping views to huge volcanic craters. The place is also adorned with the native souvenirs and a café in case you might want to hang out in between warm dips.
  8. Te Aroha in Aukland (South): below the Mt Te Aroha lies the Te Aroha Mineral Spas where everything here takes place naturally. The hot water springs over this area is filtered through rock and is a great gateway to some relaxation. However the place has been gone through some modernization with the rising of some of the well maintained resorts but the fun unmarred by time!
  9. Hanmer Springs in Canterbury, South Island: another popular tourist attraction of the region, Hanmer Springs apart from offering soothing warm pool also houses several fun activities like mountain biking, bungy jumping and bush walking.
  10. Kerosene Creek in Rotorua, North Island: this freshwater and hot spring combo is as alluring as it got to be. This place is real plush with that natural touch of the rocks gathered surrounding the warm waters.

The fun and calm of hot spring baths are a different story altogether. Go find your own story in these amazing hot springs if you didn’t already.

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