4 Sweet Breakfast Options From Europe That Are Delectable

Breakfasts are a medium of expression and enthusiasm. Don’t think so? Well, it serves a lot of purposes. First, it fills you up and prepares you for the day with a dose of motivation. Second, it quickly enhances your mood. Third, the way it is prepared dictates how productive the rest of your day will be. Especially when you get up in the morning every day and prepare your meal, it motivates you to keep doing better. It is for these many reasons that we found that breakfast should be dazzling and delectable and surely not boring. When you are taking a trip across Europe, you will find amazing breakfast and snack options.

4 sweet breakfast ideas taken from European cooking styles:

1. French Toast

French Toast

A classic bread breakfast is loved equally across the world. First, take two eggs in a bowl. Pour in whole milk, vanilla extracts, a dash of cinnamon powder, and some sugar. Whisk the mixture thoroughly so that there are no lumps. Now choose thick-cut milk-based slices of bread and dunk them one by one. Make sure the bread is only covered and not soaking wet in the egg mixture and then slowly grill in butter in a pan on low-medium heat until some brown char begins to show up on both sides. Enjoy with berries or whipped cream and icing!

2.Danish Pastries

Danish Pastries

Danish pastries are folded variously with sweet surprises inside, like apricot, berries, and chocolate, and baked till golden brown. This dish is a delightful morning breakfast option and a great snacking option when friends and family are around. It is served with spreads of complimenting condiments like honey, maple syrup, icing, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, etc. Not only is this great for festivals but the kids love it wholeheartedly too!

3. Kerststol


This dutch delicacy is famously prepared at home during Christmas and other such occasions when a lot of sharing is anticipated. The bread is born out of the usual mixture of flour, eggs, yeast, sugar, and butter but there is a whole of things that will be added for it to brim with flavors. Raisins, almond flakes, hazelnuts, and cocoa chips are mixed generously with the dough and then the grainy smooth almond paste is secretly placed on one side. The dough is done in a rectangular baking pan till fluffy. Although it is a lot of work, you can make it once in large quantity and have a few slices every day till more