5 Blue Zone Spots Every Traveler Must Wishlist

If you think about what it takes to live a healthy and long life, visiting these 5 blue zones is a perfect answer. There are some places on the earth that are known to have a healthy life span and these places are named “Blue Zones”.
If you want to know the 5 Blue Zones on the earth, read the feed till the end!


Loma Linda, California

Loma Linda is known to be one of the best places to live in the world. The people here usually live longer and lead a healthy life. The city is known to be home to Seventh Day Adventists that have adopted their various lifestyle choices from the Bible.
The people here avoid smoking, drinking, and even watching TV and focus more on eating nuts, grains, fruits, vegetables, and drinking only water. Besides, the beauty and charm the place has, what attracts the travelers is the lifestyle of the people living in the city. Loma Linda has something very unique to offer to travelers and thus everyone should visit the place at least once in their lives.


Nicoya, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a very popular travel destination in the world and is known for its pristine beaches and rich biodiversity. But, the Nicoya blue zone city of the country ranks among the best places to live in the world. The city is all about leading a healthy and long life.

The blue zoners in Nicoya focus more on a healthy diet and that is the secret of their long life. It is known that the majority of the population here lives on an average of 100 years or above. The healthy diet in Nicoya is based on the principle of “three sisters” of Mesoamerican agriculture- beans, corn, and squash.
While there is so much to see in the city but the main highlight of the city is the healthy diet which you can surely add to your diet plans to lead a healthy and long life.


Sardinia, Italy

The lively culture of Italy inspires the world’s traveler but there is another thing the country has which inspires the world’s traveler to lead a healthy life and that is the blue zone city Sardinia.
The blue zoners in Sardinia give the credit of long and healthy life to the clean air and local wine. One of the most interesting things that make the city unique from the rest of the world is the one-to-one ratio of women and men, which is very rare to spot in the world.
The diet of the Sardinia is basically dairy products including goat’s milk and sheep’s cheese. Besides, the rich dairy diet the people also consumes fennel, beans, chickpeas, almonds to balance out the heavy intake of dairy products.


Ikaria, Greece

Ikaria is also known as the island of long life and is a very popular Greek Getaway. The secret to a healthy life is using the right ways to cook food and also eating the right food. The diet of the island basically consists of the Mediterranean diet, which promotes good physical health and brain.
Blue zoners in Ikaria also eat potatoes, goat’s milk, beans, honey, wild greens, and fish. Visiting the place will not only add stunning scenery to your memory but will also add a few healthy delicacies to your diet. Thus, we will suggest you to must add Ikaria to your travel list.


Okinawa, Japan

Japan is there on every traveler’s list and if you’re looking for some top attractions you can add to your Japanese itinerary, Okinawa the blue zone region should be there on the top of the list. Japanese culture is very inspiring and captivating, and this Japanese island is the epitome of the ideal culture.
Okinawa is home to breathtaking scenery and pristine beaches but that’s not all it’s also home to people who live 100 years and above and the credit goes to a low-salt and low-fat diet including vegetables and seaweed.

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