5 Must-Have Experiences on Grand Cayman Island

What to do in the Cayman Islands? Relaxing on the beach is one option–and a good one– but there are plenty of activities to keep visitors busy, too. Must-do experiences in the Caymans include spotting stingrays in the Caribbean, exploring caves, sampling local seafood and washing it down with Cayman-made rum, and, of course, taking in the sunset.


1. The-Brasserie

Whether it’s the red snapper from yesterday’s big catch or the garden-grown sugarcane and lime that make up the mojito, the farm/fishing-boat-to-table movement is a force to be reckoned with in the Cayman Islands. Take a tour of the garden at the gourmet restaurant The Brasserie and admire the plump heirloom tomatoes hanging over rows of cauliflower, callaloo and cucumbers. The restaurants’ two fishing boats ensure that the daily catch never sees a freezer and keeps the menu as fresh as the fillets themselves.


2. Brac Reef Beach Resort

Stretching across four and a half acres of tropical terrain and tranquil white sandy beaches, the Brac Reef Beach Resort is the perfect place to stay during your trip to Cayman Brac. Submerse yourself into the turquoise waters of the private beach and snorkel the beautiful coral reefs full of marine life below. This hotel, with 40 spacious beach-view rooms, has everything from spectacular diving to a lively outdoor bar and restaurant for all night entertainment. This resort also has engaging activities and amenities like numbered crab races, outdoor movie nights, and BBQ cookouts that make the resort feel more like a beach community rather than a hotel.


3. Stingray City

Legend has it that if you kiss a stingray, it will bring seven years of good luck. Glide across the translucent blue waters a few miles from shore and arrive at Stingray City. You will be pleasantly surprised to step into waist-high water while thoughtful guides introduce you to these magnificent and gentle sea creatures. Whether you choose to hand-feed them up close or admire them from afar, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


4. Barkers Beach

Let the wind be your guide as you surf and sail the blue waters of the island during an invigorating and action-packed kitesurfing session. This sport is the perfect blend between kiting, windsurfing, and wakeboarding, and involves harnessing and utilizing the power of the wind and ocean to glide across the top of the waves. Try Kitesurf Cayman at Barkers Beach in the West Bay; it’s the ideal kitesurfing spot as it has perfect wind conditions and moderate swells. This adventurous activity has become well-loved by locals and a test of determination for beginners.


5. Luca Restaurant

This romantic, modern seaside restaurant is the perfect place to watch the sun set, sip fine wine, and indulge in rich Italian cuisine. Luca has creative daily specials—like the coffee-encrusted rack of lamb—and a varied entrée menu providing for a great dining experience. This culinary hotspot is also known for its exceptional Sunday brunches, which consist of a raw bar, sushi stations, and a deluxe breakfast buffet as well as all-you-can-drink champagne.

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