5 Reasons You Should Utterly Visit Kyrgyzstan In Winter

Kyrgyzstan is blessed with breathtaking mountains, so if you’re the one who loves mountains, you can’t turn down visiting Kyrgyzstan during winter.
The winter season makes the country’s landscape even more gorgeous, snow-filled valleys offers a stunning backdrop! Kyrgyzstan is known for horse riding on the off-beaten paths and during winter the ride becomes so unique and special with an oh-so different setting.
So, if you want to know how it feels traveling the country in the extremely coldest month, read this on! All this will surely help you in planning your itinerary!


Where is Kyrgyzstan?

Kyrgyzstan is located in central Asia and is a landlocked country sharing the boundaries with Kazakhstan, China, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.
You can find Russian influence in most parts of the country simply because the country was part of Russia until 1991 when it separated from Moscow to form a democratic government.
Kyrgyzstan is a diverse country where you can see various religions being valued and practiced. It equally prospers Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and a few more.
The country is a perfect destination if you’re traveling on a budget. While the majority of travelers deem it to be a perfect summer destination but here, we’re decoding the upcoming winter destination on a budget!


Skiing On Budget

If you want to gain an equivalent experience of skiing in Switzerland but on a budget, Kyrgyzstan is a perfect choice!
The snow-filled gorgeous valleys in the country are no less than the dazzling slopes of Switzerland. Skiing on the 93-kilometer snow-filled slopes, you’re sure to boost your adrenaline. Like Canada and Switzerland, the country has great potential to become an ideal destination for skiing.
The best ski resorts in the country include
Kashka Suu
If you’re a skiing enthusiast you got your reason to travel to Kyrgyzstan this winter!
The skiing charges on the country are around $18 for adults and around $10 for children.


Hot Springs

Kyrgyzstan is home to gorgeous hot springs and this is a nice way to warm you up in the cold season. The hot springs not only offer you a cozy vibe but are blessed with great healing properties. So, if you’re in the country, you surely head to a healing hot water spa.
When Kyrgyzstan was part of Russia, these hot springs were widely used and are still very active! While you can enjoy the hot water spa all year round but it’s something very pleasant to enjoy them during winter.
The most popular hot spring in the country is the Altyn-Arashan hot spring situated in Altyn-Arashan valley.


Unique Horse Riding Experience

Horse riding is very popular in the country and travelers around the world visit the country to relish horse riding on the off-beaten paths.
While mass tourism visits the country to relish horse ride during summer but it becomes so unique and filled with snowy paths and gorgeous views during winter.
So, if you want to etch an indelible horse riding experience, you ought to visit the country during winter.


Adore Frozen Waterfalls

Visiting Kyrgyzstan during winter is stuffed with so many exciting and unique things and one such is climbing the frozen waterfalls.
One of the most popular Barskoon Waterfall in the Lake Issyk-Kul freezes in the cold and offers you the best climbing trail. There are many other frozen waterfalls that you can also consider.

Admire Great View
The landscape is decorated beautifully with snow during winter and offers a perfect setting. If you want to witness the breathtaking view, you must visit the country during winter.

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