6 Perfect Cruise Destinations in India You Should Visit

Ever thought of a cruise vacation? It’s one of the most exotic and relaxing experience. You might have seen faraway lands, gone trekking or exploring deep sea but your take on a perfect cruise or boat vacation will complete your travel diary. Let yourself escape to the serene sights of the vast waterways while you gaze at the far off shore, passing through riverside villages and sights, ancient heritage, holy sites and beautiful people. This holiday time, treat yourself with the most exciting trip with along with your family and friends.

Here are some of the best cruise destinations and boat vacations not to miss in India. Take a look-


  1. Brahmaputra River Cruise

Embrace the beauty and the placid wind of the mighty Brahmaputra River with the beautiful Brahmaputra River Cruise. Not only a fabled holy river, the Brahmaputra River flows through the Assam in the northeast of India, enriching the highly rich culture and everyday lives of the natives. The itineraries in the cruise are divided in to several segments day and night cruise together and also night cruise. Get to see the mesmerizing tea gardens, peacock island, temples, the exotic villages, Kaziranga National Park and the natural beauty going along all the way is an added bonus.

  1. Cochin Cruise

One of the luxury cruise vessel in Kerala, the Classic Cochin Cruise sails along the milky waves of the sea. Love partying? This is the place for you. The weather in Cochin remains pleasant throughout the year and you can choose any available cruise as per duration and budget. Cochin offers a nice collection of cruises to choose from. Get captivated by the art like fishing nets, colonial bungalows and holy sites. And yes we totally cannot forget the delicious delicacies served aboard.

  1. Andaman Water Cruise

A truly not to miss destination for beach lovers. Offering some of the most luxury cruises in the country, Andaman is full of treats. The specialties of these luxury cruises are that they let you have a wonderful view of the ocean life from the glass floor of the boats. All those who fancy scuba diving and coral watching, do include this destination in your bucket list.

  1. Goa Cruise Destinations

The party capital of the country also offers real desirable cruises. Unfurl the fun of celebration in the cruise under the night sky with a special one. Isn’t it exciting already? A fun place Goa is always at its celebration mood and you can plan out your cruise trip with family and friends on several festivals in Goa. With those cultural entertainments, music, drinks and buffet, experience a joyful trip down the Mandovi River in to the Zuari bay.

  1. Chilika Lake Cruise

A calming cruise vacation in the Bay of Bengal some kilometers away from Puri, flowing through the Chilka River is a perfect way to soothe a weary soul. Quite popular among birdwatchers, the cruise allows you to gaze at the beautiful flock of migratory birds. The Chilika Lake is the largest coastal lagoon in India. The lake is home to many threatened species of plants and animals, especially dolphins.So you’re most welcome to know them closely.

  1. Kerala Backwaters Cruise

One of the best destinations for anyone looking for serenity. Find peace in the backwaters with luxury houseboats offering panoramic view of the coconut trees, lush greenery, and beautiful churches welcoming you at every turn. A popular tourist attraction, the Kerala backwater cruises are also popular among honeymoon couples.

So that was the list. So which destination do you prefer for your next holiday?

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