7 Places in UK to Visit with Your Kids Before They Grow Up

Children grow up so fast that you don’t even realize. Spending time with kids by planning a holiday or going to places that you both love is a great way to preserve those moments forever. Here are top 10 fun places in UK to visit with your kids before they grow up. Check out the list to see if your kids have visited those places yet?

  1. Warner Bros. Studio Tour London: It’s a total “Yes” for all Harry Potter fans! Let’s break the ice-for all those who didn’t knew, this is the very place where all the series of the Harry Potter movies were made! You have read the books also seen the films but won’t it be great to actually know where and how the movies were made? Here you can for real see the film sets and the special effects that were used in the making of the movie. The props, animatronic creatures, costumes and of course every kids’ most desired ‘Nimbus 2000’ is right here. Almost everything that fascinated you as a kid or your kids about the series can be found here.
  2. Bewilderwood: Located in Horning in English county of Norfolk, Bewilderwood is an adventure of a lifetime every kid would love to have. Spread in the sprawling area of 50 acres, what is extraordinary about this place is that you won’t find a roller-coaster, any special effects or anything that is modern-ly related to fun or entertainment. What your kids would find here is lots of outdoor fun, back in to nature kind of adventure where they’d need to climb trees, cross ropes, bridges, building dens, coming out of maze and similar fun stuffs. The park is designed by Tom Blofeld who happens to be a local children’s author and the park is enliven by creatures from his books. If you kids love fairytales and magic this place is for them.
  3. Warwick Castle: Now this is one of the most attractive and heritage attractions which is worth visiting. But then young visitors aren’t always much fascinated by such glories of history. So what’s unique about this place? Well located in Warwickshire, the Warwick Castle is frequented because of the daily events, live shows and guided tours that are equally alluring for visitors of all the ages. The jousting tournaments and the firing of the huge trebuchet and of course the Horrible Histories Maze are just the correct potion of entertainment for kids. The place is a medieval castle and was originally built by William the Conqueror in 1068. So let your kids learn history in the fun way.
  4. The Natural History Museum: Possibly there is no reason that this place will disappoint you. One of the most frequented tourist attractions; the Natural History Museum in London is an abode to life and earth science having some over 80 million items in display with collections from botany, mineralogy, zoology and paleontology. The museum is popular for its dinosaur skeletons that are displaced along with dinosaur eggs and meteors. Another alluring factor is its architecture which is based on cathedral model. Now one of the recent attractions is the skeleton of a blue whale hanging from the ceiling. There is also a library shelving wide collections of books, manuscripts, journals and artwork collections.
  5. Legoland: A fantasy land for your kids, Legoland is a theme park and resort located in Windsor. The park is designed keeping in mind the Lego legacy of toy system that your kids already love. It’s fascinating to know that some 80 million lego bricks had been used in the making of the park and an additional 500,000 will be added which will be placed in Miniland. The imaginative rides enliven entertainment shows, the lego brick animals, water splashes, the popular Pirate falls are really a loved treat. The adventure land is one of the most popular places that you’d love to take your kids to.
  6. West End Theatre: Well beside the point that West End Theatre is considered as one of the highest level of commercial theater among the English speaking mass, the place is also widely known for launching Kids Week some 19 years ago with the aim of encouraging acting skills and stage interests among the young kids. What’s more amazing is that the month of August free tickets and shows are being promoted for young audiences, also free activities and workshops. Popular shows like Matilda, Railway Children, War House, Billy Elliot, War House and such were performed here. The place is a great for budding actors and anyone who appreciates performing arts.
  7. Drusillas Park: Situated near Alfriston in East Sussex, the Drusillas Park is a zoo specially meant for kids. The park covers an area of 10 acres and houses more than 1,500 animals including monkeys to meerkats and also a small farmyard. There is also a walk through aviary where you can feed nectar to birds. Kids love the Thomas the Tank Engine train rides and the place also has the first ever Hello Kitty themed house and parlor. Besides that kids can really enjoy in the fountains, water jets, indoor soft play center, climbing wall and the ground geysers.

That was the list. So where do you plan to take your kids the next time you decide having fun together?

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