7 Reasons Why Australia Should Be Your Destination This Winter

Summers can be fun unless the heat and sweat doesn’t get in to our nerves and finally we decide to grab our backpack. But go where? Why not fly to Australia this summer when its winter there. And it’s amazing that Skiing would be great fun in summers though only if you’re in Australia. The country enjoys winters from June to August and is a sure destination for anyone who would love to beat the heat with piles of fun followed after. Here are 7 reasons why Australia should be your destination this winter(their)


  1. Because it’s Summer:
    Well that’s right. A winter wonderland awaits here in Australia. From celebration of lights and music to skiing, this place has a lot to offer. You can beat the heat simply by staring at the lovely snowfall or the snowman that you’d love to build in the ‘High Country’ region a few hours from Melbourne. Why forget the yearly whale migration in Sydney. The south coast is the best place in Western Australia for whale watching. It’s a natural wonder and you got to see that!
  1. It’s Cheap:
    Australia cannot be considered as a cheap place to spend a vacation in but then without the need to bankrupt yourself, you can enjoy and explore this beauty in winters which being the off season won’t hit hard on your wallet. And the plus points are you can see more places, shop more and eat too.
  1. The Weather’s Great!
    For most part of the country, Australia isn’t that cold but a bit warm except for Sydney which tends to freeze down to 13°C not to mention that it’s the most driest part in this time of year. Don’t worry Sydney won’t disappoint you- you can admire some beautiful marine animals at Sealife Sydney Acquarium, a walk around the Botanical Gardens, enjoy the light shows in Sydney Opera House or visit the National Park. And of course take a good night sleep after you watch a movie.
  1. Fun Festivals:
    You would catch up with one or the other festivals in Australia any time of the year you reach. Likewise there is no difference in Australian winters and trust me they are even better. One of the most popular is Vivid Sydney; an annual lighting festival with incredible lights shows and art installation. The Sydney Opera House becomes so inviting with grand 3D projections. You’ve got to see the Sydney Central Business District with amazing outdoor lighting canvas art. This light festival takes place between May’s end to early June, which by the time you’re reading this is over. But this doesn’t end the fun- the all seasons’ greatest attraction is the Film and Winter Festival taking place in June and July and the Garma Festival in August.
  1. Skiing & Water-sports:
    Yeah you might be thinking that’s a wrong one in the list. Happily it’s not! The winter in Australia is warm enough to enjoy all of the water sports that you’re good at or not. You can go swimming, surfing or snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef. If you love snow and if you love skiing all the fun’s here. The best places to go skiing are Thedro in New South Wales, Mount Buller in Victoria, Perisher in New South Wales and Mount Hotham in Victoria.
  1. Whales!!
    That’s right. We know that birds migrate from Northern Hemisphere to Southern Hemisphere, so does the whales to the north during the breeding season. This striking display of the Humpback Whales shifting places takes place in New South Wales and Tasmania in the month of May and in Queensland and Victoria in the month of June. A treat to watch for all nature lovers and even if you don’t adore whales much, you are sure to love them after you see these giant beauties splash in the water.
  1. Diving In the Great Barrier Reef:
    It’s interesting to know that one of the NASA’s astronaut confirmed that the Great Barrier Reef could be seen from the space. Amazed? Tagged as the world’s largest coral reef system, another fun fact is that it’s an abode to many of the species which are not found elsewhere. Treasure a lifetime experience when you scuba dive and enjoy watching nearly 3000 individual reefs. Book a yacht and set yourself free in to the wild waters.

So if you’re planning for a vacation this summer, fly to Australia to enjoy their winters.

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