7 Tips to Travel Good on Low Budget

We all love to travel. Well most of us do but there are times when you want to break away from the monotony of daily life and run wild into lands unknown and explore yourself. What’s stopping you? Sometimes it’s the budget that curbs our way. Here in the travel guide, I share few smart tips to travel well while on low budget. Read along-

  1. Research about the place that you are about to or have planned to visit. If any friends or relatives have been there before, consult. Try learning much you can. Try finding out about the hotels’ offers, ticket prices, lodging and fooding options, currency rate (if travelling abroad)
  2. Travelling with group is a better way to save money. Taking all that on your shoulder alone might cost you big. Travelling with groups will save you some bucks while lodging, eating somewhere because there are places where eating and lodging cost are discounted when booked for a group.
  3. Look for deals that are great!

    Every now and then you might have come across ads either in TV, travel blogs or any particular travel sites. Learn about the offers being offered. There are plenty of travel websites available today where you can check the current rate room in a hotel. You can also compare the rate of one single room offered by different website and choose perfect bidding.

  4. Travelling off season is another smart way to avoid pocket pinch. This may not appeal you much. But be practical, we are here to save money and enjoy! However, there is always the charm to travel to a place during its peak visiting months. But a place worth visiting is worth visiting any time. Doing this will help you grab the best deal in tickets and hotels. Pre-Book!Enjoy your meals in the local eateries.
  5. Prefer Eating on Local Eateries

     I’ll tell you why. These places might not be that appealing or fascinating as the ones in Paris or L.A. But we are on a budget and these places will you authentic foods that are very local, light on pocket and variety to choose from. You might not experience a 5 star like ambiance but that’s not why we’re here. Right?

6.Street Shopping is again one of my favorite tips to save some bucks. Instead of rushing into ultra sophisticated mall to shop, choose the ones lined up in the street. If you are looking for some decently priced stuffs at bargain able prices, there’s nothing better than these stalls.
7.Avoid hiring cabs for every short distance. You can’t possibly do without hiring cabs. But then prefer walking some short distance. You can always take help of maps or locals to guide you through. After all what’s travelling without a few miles covered on foot? This way you’ll get to know places well provided will run smooth on your budget.

Other points to help you out plan on a budget vacation are to avoid offering tips to waiters and room services alike. That is not necessary. You can also choose to travel to places of interest on your vacation spot which doesn’t charge any entry fee. However, these days they are almost rare. Even a negligible amount is being charged.

Here, were 7 tips to a perfect budget holiday. What’s your plan this summer?

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