7 Top-rated Attractions of Iceland You Cannot Miss

Nature’s very own mood swings can be observed in the dramatic land of Iceland, an island nation in the north Atlantic Ocean. Iceland is frilled with high contrast dramatic terrain including everything from ice clad mountains to hot springs, volcanoes and lava fields. We are here in the land of summer’s midnight sun; a place which is not a mere destination but adventure wrapped up in stunning scenery. Here are top spots in Iceland you simply can’t resist-

  1. Gullfoss: one of the most popular tourist attractions of the region, Gullfoss Waterfalls is located at around one and half hour’s driving distance in west Reykjavik. The step wise flowing of the water is what attracts everyone. The Hvita River hurtles into a canyon forming three step terraces forming a powerful influx. Again forming two cascades, where the upper one drops 11 meters while the lower one cascades about 21 meters. Quite natural the entire spot is a treat to watch without any man made rails or barriers. Chances of getting wet are obvious, so it’s better you carry your rain jacket.
  2. Blue Lagoon: geothermal spa is yet another fantastic feature among the many stunning aspects of Iceland. The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa situated in a lava field in Grindavik on the Reykjanes Peninsula. People from across the world flock here to experience the soothing bath of the warm waters enriched with the goodness of minerals like silica and sulfur known to cure psoriasis. However, you got to pre-book for entry. Also bring your own stuffs like a towel or slippers because you got to pay for everything here. 2-3 hours are decent spend in Blue Lagoon.
  3. The Northern Lights:who wouldn’t fancy seeing those colorful lights splashing on the sky? The Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis are actually clash between the electrically charged particles from the sun that enters the earth’s atmosphere. These lights appear in many colors among which green and pink are the most observed. However science tells us that these lights in reality are the results of striking between gaseous particles in the earth’s atmosphere with the charged particles released from the sun. The colors vary due to the type of gas particles they are colliding with. End of September to starting of April is the best time to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights depending upon your luck and weather condition of course.
  4. Geysir: also known as the Great Geyser is one of the amazing nature wonders you can’t miss when in Iceland. For anyone who hasn’t experienced a geyser before this one is splendid. Located at some 50 minutes driving distance from Reykjavik, Strokkur Geysir, this highly active hot spring region attracts a good number of tourist every year. The water shot out like every 6-7 minutes and the spot is real busy with people. In case you want to carry a memory token of the place, there is a souvenir shopping center and a restaurant right at the spot.
  5. Landmannalaugar: breeding striking contrast of nature’s mood swing, Iceland has got this place called Landmannalaugar which is some 180 km from Reykjavik is popular for its multicolored rhyolite mountains. Other attractions are the sprawling lava fields and the Hekla volcano. Stunning scenery and spectacular mountains are what really alluring. Hiking is popular here along with horse riding and the hiking may range from few hours to a couple of days. The spot also houses a lodge named Landmannalaugar Hut and can accommodate 75 people. In high seasons, you can also find a shop selling coffee and groceries here. The best time to visit is between June to late September.
  6. Mount Esja: a loved spot for hikers, the Mount Esja is a 30 minute drive to the east from Reykjavik. The mountain is 914 meters high and the panoramic view of the ocean and the landscape is something you cannot afford to miss. What is nice about this area is that even a novice can climb up easily and enjoy the hike. You need not worry about parking here as there is ample space and also there is a restaurant at the bottom. Once you reach the summit everything that you’ll see will be sheer beauty.
  7. Hallgrimskirkja: a 244 ft. high Lutheran parish church, the Hallgrimskirkja is the largest church in Iceland and can be seen from almost everywhere in the city. The architectural design for the church was inspired by The Black Falls which is a basalt rock formation and one of the popular natural wonders of Iceland. The church at its front exhibit the statue of Icelander Leifur Eiriksson, happens to be the first European to discover America sometimes in AD 1,000. One of the city’s best recognized landmarks, the Hallgrimskirkja is a place worth visiting.

This was Iceland in a glimpse featuring the natural contrasts that are so vividly striking and inviting that you can’t resist but visit.

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