8 Must Visit Spots in Cairo

Set on the historical Nile River, Cairo is the capital of Egypt. The very name brings fresh images of pyramids and interesting golden era of the Egyptian culture popular even to date. Well pyramids are not all that Cairo or any part of Egypt has to offer. There is more to the charm and heritage that a traveler can unbox here in Cairo and still sing song of praise for the beautiful and sprawling city.

The largest city in Egypt, Cairo has a lot of magic to unfold. Founded in 2,000 BC and ruled by King Menes, here we bring you 10 must visit spot while you’re in Cairo. Read along to know more-

  1. Pyramids of Giza- the list doesn’t look good without the pyramids at the top. The oldest of the 7 wonders in the world, these pyramids are real marvel created by human hands that have stand out untouched by time and history. The place is an archaeological site in the Giza plateau and is located in the suburbs of Cairo. Referring to the fourth dynasty of the Egyptian pharaoh or ruler Khufu. Archaeologists claim that the pyramid was used as a tomb which was built around 2560 BC. Interesting eh?
  2. Great Sphinx- a limestone statue with a body of a lion with a human head is another marvel to watch. Standing on the banks of River Nile in Giza, it the oldest known monumental sculpture in Egypt resting since 2532 BC.
  3. Islamic Cairo- it is the central Cairo and is popular for the rich architectural designs, historical background and monuments that the place boasts about. Most of the monuments found here are recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many historical mosques like the Al-Hakim Mosque, Mosque of Ibn Tulun, Al Azhar University (the oldest university in the world) add four moons to its heritage.
  4. Egyptian Museum-nothing can really justify the history and wonders of Egypt more than the Egyptian Museum. With over 100,000 antiquity and ruins this place is simply awe-inspiring because you get to know and encounter so much of history you didn’t knew already. The popular Tutankhamun’s tomb, the gold mask of Tutankhamun, State of Khafre is some of the exclusive collection you get to see.
  5. Al Azhar Park- one of Cairo’s largest parks, the Al Azhar Park exhibits serene gardens, fountains, restaurants some beautiful spots to sit idle and watch the beauty of the place. The place was a gift to Cairo from Aga Khan IV. Any nature lover would love the place as there is so much peace and calmness here.
  6. Dahshur-a glimpse of ancient Egypt is here what you can expect. This place is a