Alicante- a Token of History, Beauty & More

Spain has always been a traveler’s dream and destination for beauty lovers throughout different times. One of the most highly preferred tourist attractions, there is one place in Spain which is the most influenced by tourism and a must visit before die spot. We are here at Alicante!

A beautiful port and city in Spain, Alicante is the eight largest metropolitan area of Spain. It’s interesting to know that Alicante witnessed some of the earliest settlements around it, dating back to 5000 to 3000 BC. The place developed local industries and agriculture during the World War I. Keeping aside the historical stuff, Alicante is some where you can enrich your soul with the natural beauty which so strikingly elaborates under the vast blue sky.

With the castle of Santa Barbara resting on the hill top in the heart of the city, Alicante is gilded with beautiful beaches, old castles and museums glorifying the ruins of a historical past of the place. A warm climate by the bay of the Mediterranean Sea, here is what you can experience in Alicante-

  1. Castillo de Santa Barbara-

    or Castle of Santa Barbara is the top rated tourist attraction spot in the city and largest Medieval fortress of Spain. Resting on Mount Benacantil, this castle is the bulwark of Alicante. Overlooking the city, this beautiful fortress dates back to 9th century highlighting the Arab rule in the area. The site has seen many historical turns of time and was abandoned until 1963 and was only reopened for public after then. Visiting this place isn’t expensive and every one can afford. Lifts have been installed inside the mountains and you can enjoy refreshments near the summit.

  2. Bonfires-

    popular for its liveliness and that joyous aura mixed in the air is what make Alicante unique. Festivities of all sorts in almost every season which you can expect from this place. San Juan Bonfires is one of the most important festivals of the year. Celebrated in the month of June (19th-24th), with the objective of keeping away the evil spirits, this festival is all meant for purification. What you can expect here is amazing and dazzling fireworks shows every night.

  3. Beaches- crystal clear water, golden sands and some relaxation is what you expect in a beach and this is what Alicante promises you, may be a bit more! The splendid beaches are also award recipients for its beauty and popularity only making it more desirable among the visitors.

San Juan Beach- the most famous beach of Alicante, it sprawls from El Campello to the Cabo de las Huertas. The beach is located close to heavy settlements like apartments and corporates. A great place to indulge into some of the all-time favorite beach sports like volleyball, windsurfing, football. There are several well-known restaurants around the place where you can enjoy the best food of the city. W