Beaches in India You’d Love to Fall in Love With

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us”


Possibly you love travelling and that is why you have landed here.  It’s almost summer now and there is nothing more soothing as beaches to talk about when you have the urge to beat off the tiring and frustrating heat of that sticky Indian summer. Worry no more. Today I bring you the best beaches to fall in love with in India. The list unfurls my picks of personal favorite. Here we go-




One cannot possibly think of a holiday to the beaches without thinking or mentioning Goa. Because it’s Goa and because its summer, how can someone deny the fun of sunbathing, swimming, playing around the golden beaches. It’s there for all. Among the most popular beaches of the world, this place gives you ample space to relax and feel it strongly never to return back to work. Candolim beach, one of Goa’s sweet hearts is an open paradise for party lovers from around the globe. Bambolim beach is again a favorite among picnic lovers. The New Year’s bash is something that worth celebrating here. This is where you can party all night.

Best Time to Visit: Anytime. October to January is pleasant. May and June brings great discounts in hotels.




If you love nature and if you love coconuts, this back water beauty is just the right pick for you. The beautiful lush green slender coconut trees surrounding the water bodies and gracefully moving boats are exactly what comes in our minds with the very first thought of Kerala. Marari Beach, one of the most popular and beautiful beaches in Kerala is something to look for when you think of sea and waves and beauty. It is small fishing village in Alleppey district. Packed with a sense of solitude and quality time, this beach gives you long walks into empty sands with coconut trees to gaze at.

Best Time to Visit: October to February. June to September brings you beautiful Keralian monsoon.



Andaman Island Beach

Radhanagar Beach- Located in the Havelock Island, this exotic beach has earned her crown as “Asia’s Best Beach” and “7th Best Beach in the World” is without a second thought the most beautiful and popular beach in the Andaman Islands. The fresh and soothing blue water with that perfect hue of white sand this island gives you a sense of a palette of nature. This beach in spite of earning fame will surprise you because you won’t find it as crowded as other beaches. This place remains calm with less footfall hence is a perfect one for some “me time”

Best Time to Visit: Between October and May where you can witness the exotic spring season.


4. Pondicherry


A trace of French colonial era in India, this place is a perfect beach holiday plan for you and your entire family. Apart from the exotic and peaceful beaches, Pondicherry has a lot to offer. Shri Aurobindo Asharam, the French War Memorial is among the many that will leave you with worth recalling memories to rejoice in later years.

Best Time to Visit: October to March is a pleasant time to visit as the rest of the year the place remains warm.




A small town in Karnataka will give you some peace of mind. Several tranquil beaches comes together to form Gokarna. Beaches like the Om Beach, Paradise Beach are among the best. Gokarna is famous for the Malabaleshwar temple. This serene beach will provide you ample calmness with fewer crowds to ponder into self realization. You can spend the entire day gazing at the sea or reading your favorite book.

These were the best beaches to visit and fall in love with.

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