8 Best Mesmerizing English Countryside Destinations

Nothing can beat the beauty of something that is serene and simple to the core, the same story follows up with countryside trips. Great Britain is blessed with some of the utterly alluring and picturesque countryside destinations in the world. The soothing calmness, sights away from pollution, dramatic hills, artistic cottages, the green fields not to forget the dramatically moving of the windmills. One can only wish for a prolonged holiday once visited these awe-inspiring sights.

Here is top most gorgeous countryside destinations of Britain you’d love to fall in love with-

  1. Cheshire: this place will take you back to those Roman ages exhibiting great Roman architecture dating some 1,000 years back. A county in northwest England, Cheshire is an artistic paradise still preserving the remains of the Iron Age hill-forts and several brilliantly constructed red sandstone monuments. The panoramic view of the green pastures, the untainted beauty of the rustic atmosphere and the mesmerizing castles including the Beeston Castle, Capesthorne Hall and Maiden Castle to name a few.
  2. Bronte Country: home to many Emily Bronte’s novel’s setting; the Bronte Country is located in the west of Bradford in West Yorkshire. The place got its name from the Bronte Sisters and houses numerous natural beauty and historical relics. Among the many attractions of the place, the most fascinating are the house where the Bronte sisters were born and lived, Red House, Oakwell Hall, Gawthorpe Hall and Haworth Moor. These places would sound familiar to those who had read the novels of the Bronte sisters. For the rest, this place is simply alluring. You’d love it!
  3. Essex: a fabulous place for walking and cycling, Essex is located in the East of England. With those beautiful English cottages, country parks and picturesque rustic streets to walk by are some of the points of interest in the region. The soothing calmness fortifies with fabulous attractions to visit which includes Hollytrees Museum, Hadleigh Castle, Audley End House to name a few.
  4. Kenmore: resting in the Highlands of Scotland, Kenmore is a small village in Perthshire. Interestingly the village dates back to 16th century and beauty remains same to this date. The neatly contrasted whitewashed cottages standing in arrow, the fabulous greenery circling the river and the Kenmore Hotel reputing to be the oldest hotel in Scotland are what allure the travelers. A must visit place for fishing and sailing lovers.
  5. Cotswolds: take a pleasing endless walk to the streets of Cotswolds where promising picturesque views of unspoiled rusticity awaits you. Located in the south central England, Cotswolds is a nature’s paradise. The simple yet beautiful houses, the peaceful streets, buzzing market place, stunning wildlife parks and breathtaking vistas of the villages and source to eternal peace and joy.
  6. Lancashire: one of the best seaside resorts today, Lancashire is one of the most popular tourist destinations, thanks to its picturesque natural beauty and the spas. What you can expect here in Lancashire are several country inns, relaxing spas, boutique B&B, halls and walking festivals. Resting on the north west of England, Lancashire is located by the side of the Lune. The Blackpool is the best seaside resort in the region attracting huge tourists.
  7. Oxfordshire: a perfect getaway to a rustic location and enjoying the gifts of nature the way they are; Oxfordshire is the place to be! Located in the south east England, this place offers you a great platter of rural retreats including Blenheim Palace, Bodleian Library, Abingdon, Burford and Woodstock. University of Oxford Botanic Garden is yet another place you cannot miss out.
  8. Hadrian’s Wall Country: a walk back to the Roman Age is what you can expect here at Hadrian’s Wall Country. A significant tourist attraction, this place is also known for housing the Roman relics to this date. The Roman Army Museum shelters some of the finest remnants from the past in forms of pictures and artifacts highlighting the glory of the Roman era. Some of the beautiful places to visit here include the Roman castle and the village at Vindolanda.

Country sides are beautiful in their merits and these above listed destinations are undoubtedly spellbinding. The next time you are here in United Kingdom; do pay a visit to these destinations if you haven’t already!

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