Best Christmas Destinations Around the World

Christmas festivities have begun sprawling fast with the nearing eve. The excitement is brewing up among people to celebrate the dear festivals. And like any Christmas eve from the past, there is going to be a lot of traveling to the most famous of such destinations with the perfect amount of Christmas zeal and radiance. Many of us like to visit family and friends living far from us whereas many of us like to take our love to the famous Christmas delights so nobody misses out. The countries like to spend lavishly on Christmas arrangements and have elaborate marketplaces for tourists.
Let us see the best Christmas destinations around the world.

Best Christmas vacation spots worldwide

1. The Vatican, Italy

Best Christmas Destinations The Vatican, Italy

Being a center place of Christian rituality, the city is decked up in extreme dazzle with people coming in for treats and a beautiful view of the city. The city is well-decorated with a Christmas feel, and the trees are all over the place. Be prepared to be showered with well-decorated markets with an amazing range of Christmas trees and gifts and likewise lively public spots where people gather and enjoy the merriness of the festival. The Vatican Christmas Tree, which is also known as the St. Peter’s Square Christmas tree, is the main attraction of the city.

2. Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany

The streets appear like fables that are embellished with the sweet beauty of cold snow. The Old Town of Munich is revered for its winter beauty because of the perfectly accented lights throughout the city that have a settling tone to them. Tourists like to wander around the Christmas stalls to buy gifts and snacks for their loved ones while they enjoy the twinkling music that plays in the backdrop. The amazing Christmas village around the Royal Residence has much to soak in with deeply contrasting hues of Christmas.

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3. Bethlehem, West Bank

Bethlehem, West Bank

The city is known as the birthplace of Jesus so the degree of celebrations is much heightened here as anyone might anticipate. The ultimate beauty of the place comes through the glitter of the lights in the snow-laden neighborhood which makes the dark and gloomy lights into a fun-filled affair. The sounds of Christmas carols seemingly fill the air and create a vibey tone that is hard to put off your mind. The mass church service is a very enriching experience one must get here. The place is also famous for prehistoric art aside from being a famous Christmas spot.

4. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

This is one paradise of Christmas that one should not miss. It has a beautiful landscape for Christmas which provides for long frosty walks in ultimate coziness. The comfort is great because the city has an amazing service faculty in terms of health and tourism. It is a quiet place with no menace so the tourists feel safe and are welcomed all year round. Though the place comes as a bit expensive, it is better to do the same with the market places. The ice skating, the Kronborg Castle, The Royal Danish Theatre, etc. receive a lot of crowds around this time.

5. Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is the perfect destination for celebrating Christmas. The place is meant for celebrating a prolonged holiday season because the zeal outstands the new year. Spend the longest, most shiny night of the year in Iceland where the bliss of White Christmas holds a special in the heart of the masses. The serene villages and towns are the best spots to visit during the holiday season. If you are looking for a quaint Christmas vacation with your loved ones, Iceland could be the perfect Christmas destination for you!


These were the best Christmas destinations around the world that are worth mentioning because of their natural beauty and man-made additions to the same. The breathtaking snow of these places is well-lit in the Christmas spirit which is why all of these destinations have become famous for their holiday season tourism. These Christmas destinations are beautiful from every angle and also offer, sometimes, white Christmas, for those who are yearning for such. These places also offer heartwarming festival dishes and the echoing of carols to immerse you fully in the spirit of merry Christmas! Enjoy a great family vacation with your friends and family here!

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