Best Japanese Street Foods That Will Pull You!

Japanese food culture may seem like an easy ride to many for its bespoke simplicity, versatility, and uncanny sophistication. But all this takes a spicy turn in street food culture where the tourists come across all sorts of bizarre, spicy, creative, and umami food platters that interests the foreigners. You might wish to take help from the high society culinary experience to get the picture but that is surely not the case. It gets wilder with twists and turns which makes Japanese street food so intriguing for us!

So we are listing some Japanese street food items that you must try in Japan to help you.

These Are Some Japanese Street Foods That You Should Try

  1. Dango

Dango comes on skewers. Getting the street food vibes already? The skewers are loaded with sticky rice balls of different colors that are sweet, stretchy, and glutinous. The starchy balls are very steamy hence they can be very well enjoyed during the winter months when you are craving ice cream but you can’t have something that cold. This will warm you and cheer you up in no time. They can be eaten at any time of the day. Children love this one too as it quickly fills their little tummies!


  1. Nikuman

If you have been a fan of steamed dumplings, we know the feeling of never having enough of them. Nikuman is just the reality you have been dreaming of. The large dumpling bun called Nikuman in Japan, which comes from the Chinese concept of Bao is a great way to conclude your day. It is filled with soupy pork that comes through steaming hot to overpower any bad day or sickness. A warm Nikuman is what you would be looking for on a cold day!


  1. Takoyaki

This style of making dumplings always cheers up the tourists because they are intrigued by the careful mix of Japanese flavors. It is a great way to get over a bad hangover. It is made in such artistic ways that every platter looks appealing as ever. The dumplings are put in with octopus, fresh scallions, and pickled veggies to get the ultimate juiciness and crunch. While many textures are showcased through Takoyaki, we also see that they are toppled with locally made sauces, garnishings like bonito flakes, etc.


  1. Tako Tamago

This dish is a popular feast in Japan with its special focus on eggs and octopus that are handled on skewers and thereafter loaded with rich sauces. The sprinkle of surprise comes in when you only see the octopus on your skewer while they tell you it also has eggs. Wondering where the egg goes? Well, you will find out on the streets of Japan. Tako Tamago has a great crunch which has the juiciness of the spicy sauce painted all over them.

Tako Tamago

  1. Yakitori Grills

Yakitori-style of grills consists of different cuts of meat sizzled over the fire. You will see pork, octopus, fish, shrimp, chicken, eggs, mushrooms, etc. on the skewers painted with spices and soy sauces so feel the crunch and the char together on your juicy platter. This style of grilling makes the cooking of the fine-cut meats much faster while the flavors keep seeping into the meat.

Yakitori Grills

Rest you can always find some good quality ramen!

Above all these items, do not forget to try the sweet treats that come in handy throughout the streets of Japan that are not only sweet but also creative. They surely make for a great craving buster. So you see now how diverse Japanese street food is and how it is expanding its horizons to include foreign tastebuds too. It is so diverse and appreciative of many flavors that a majority of your time will be devoted to trying out the many new fancies of the local kitchen. Hence, a Japanese street food tour would be a great engagement for you. Pack your bags!

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