Best Outing Experience in the Andes Mountains

The Andes is the inevitable and unfathomable reality of South America being of such vast stature and magnanimous presence on the continent. The expansion is thrilling and so does the list of activities pursued in its varsity every day. If you are planning to have a humble approach to the mighty Andes mountains, you are sure to have a thrilling bite in everything you do and sustain yourself in the challenging terrain and complex weather. If the mountains are your calling, come to South America to feel the outdoors from close.
Let us see where we can be headed to in the Andes premises to witness the exotic breeze.

The best mountain excursion I’ve ever had

1. The O Circuit, Chilean Patagonia

The O Circuit, Chilean Patagonia

The O-shaped trekking circuit is used many times for its medium difficulty. It is perfect for people who are enhancing their level with sheer dedication and want to prove that their practice has been paying off well. The circuit is pretty long so has to be prepared mentally and material-wise to figure out the daunting weather with ease. The full loop is pretty tiring but the majestic view of the ornamental mountains and the lakes is truly amazing.

2. El Altar Volcano, Ecuador

El Altar Volcano, Ecuador

El Altar is an extinct in Ecuador that is known for its marvelous beauty during sunrise and sunset. The volcano offers a difficult trek so if you are trekking here, it would be a challenge and if you are preparing for camping, be sure to have experts close by. The trails are scary and the weather is cold to the core. The lake in the center gives a soothing mist to the hikers who feel accomplished upon measuring the structure. The exhaustion is real!

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3. Cotopaxi, Ecuador

Cotopaxi, Ecuador

Cotopaxi volcano remains covered with stark white snow throughout and the trekking goes many miles. The glacier is a beautiful attraction among hikers and trekkers. The tough trek is fortunately much shorter and can be covered quickly. The trek, though, remains high on the difficulty list. Since it is an active volcano and while it is open to trekking and related activities, the fear of the ground damage it might pose is something intriguing and keeps the challenge heated.

4. Ilampu Circuit, Bolivia

Ilampu Circuit, Bolivia

The classic circuit is a long trekking route that tests the mighty. The trek is much more challenging as compared to the climate all thanks to the irregular rock formations that are frequently found in the remote horizons of the Andes. The duration of the mile might stretch more than a week because of the tough passes that need to be covered every day. The elevation is explorable only if you dare enough. The trees don’t make an appearance but alpacas do come to say hi!


These trekking trails are astoundingly beautiful because of the inherited view of the magnum mountains and the hidden lakes that swirl deep clouds above them. It is a blessing to feel the thrill through the Andes mountains!
There are several things one must consider before going after the Andes. It is hugely challenging for all of the people who in hiking or mountaineering here. If you are not sufficiently equipped, it would turn out bad. If you are not wearing the right clothes to protect yourself from the cold, you would have a hard time here. The terrains, as said before, are challenging and drive people’s interests even more. If you have experience in trekking and hiking in locations like such, you are going to be very fascinated by the gorgeous view of the Andes mountains and be grateful that you planned a trip here.

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