Unusual Arabic Cuisine You Must Try Once!

Bizarre foods are hard to miss and hard to get through as well! You will find tons of these in almost every corner of the world. It lies in our perception because the food we eat is also bizarre to at least someone too. The same is the story with Saudi Arabia where people do like their meats a little on the crazy side. You may find either a combination of ingredients weird or just the main item in focus.
Whatever may your call be, you should know that foods are an interesting concept indeed and if this sounds fun to you, then here are some bizarre recommendations to entertain yourself.

Unusual Arabic Cuisine You Must Try Once!

1. Fesikh


This dish is made out of fermented fish preserved. The idea of fermented food is off-putting for many people with the added seafood. Not everyone is brave enough to try out the super saline taste. The fermentation process makes the fish pretty smelly which is why it is hard to get through. To accompany the salinity of the fish so prepared, the salad vegetables with hints of lemon come as a savior.

2. Grasshopper Snack

Grasshopper Snack

Here we go again! Insects keep crawling in every list, don’t they?
Grasshoppers are boiled and then dried out completely to finish off with seasonings. It is a much-enjoyed snack in the region that people appreciate a lot from the locals. Because of the boiling of grasshoppers, the sweet pink shade comes through. Now that looks like white meat, doesn’t it? Plus it seems like a great revenge for all the crop destruction they do. The snack is flavored with some garnishing and savory flavorings.

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3. Kushari


A greatly comforting snack accompaniment in Arab is Kushari which comes as a confusing mix of chickpeas, crunchy carbs, sauces, yogurt, rice, and flakes. It is equally interesting too because it looks to gratify your tastebuds fully, making you crave for its excess any time of the day. It is widely eaten in Asia as well as Africa. The best part is that the flavorings are experimented with first and then added to deliver a mix of spice and savory.

4. Animal Head

Animal Head

Animal heads are eaten throughout the middle east. You will find the cooked heads eaten with much pleasure with other meat dishes, rice, and traditional bread accompaniments. So you will see the chicken head, goat head, and buffalo head grilled to perfection sitting on your plate, looking with its eyes open right into you! It is intimidating undoubtedly, but you can try it because it is as flavorful as any other part of the meat.

5. Mumbar


The weirdest-looking dish on the list, mumbar has something to do with intestines. While many of us enjoy a variety of dishes out of this ingredient and make it rather extravagant, Arabic people don’t seem to invest much effort here which makes the dish look dull and well, appalling. The taste too isn’t the greatest here because of the bland gravy. The usual rice and meat come in and there is no heavy seasoning to overlook the ‘look’. Help yourselves?


So these were some of the bizarre items you can try when you are in the Arabian region. If you are a foodie looking for some adventure, prepare yourself with a fabulous eating spree because Saudi will spoil you surely, even if you find time for bizarre foods or not. There is a lot to see on this trip. These bizarre foods get weirder depending on where you are served! Have a well-planned itinerary that promises all the right elements to you so you don’t forget your blasting food moments! So give yourself a hefty vacation with Saudi foods in perspective.

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