Checklist for a road trip during the coronavirus pandemic

The last few months have felt no less than a crazy roller coaster ride with no clue about what’s to come next or how bumpy the whole ride would be, all thanks to the current pandemic situation of COVID-19. The coronavirus has expanded its reach to almost every other country across the globe, and while most countries are on the road to recovery, which of course is great news, but still it’s a long road ahead, and it will take some time for things to get back to normal.

This whole pandemic and the lockdown or quarantine periods have pretty much taken a toll on our mind and body, and we want nothing more but this virus to over so that we could finally go out on a vacation. While taking a vacation might not seem the most feasible option at the moment, you certainly can plan some other kind of trip that doesn’t involve you taking up public transportation or going anywhere far from your house. And there’s nothing that sounds as wonderful as a road trip. Considering things are a lot different now, you will have to take a few coronavirus precautions before heading out.


Don’t forget to sanitize your car

Just because you are taking your own vehicle doesn’t mean you can’t catch the virus. Therefore, it’s imperative to sanitize your car, especially the most-touched surfaces such as dashboard, steering wheel, gear, seat belt buckle, and much more. Use alcohol or disinfectant wipes to clean the surfaces. Other than that, you should also sanitize your car seats, ceiling, and windowpanes to be extra sure.


Carry all sanitization essentials

Maintaining hygiene is one of the most important tips things to do, and that cannot be done without the sanitization essentials, therefore, make sure you carry them along with you. From alcohol-based sanitizers to disposable wipes and gloves, these things will help you to keep safe and prevent the virus from spreading any further. Sanitizing your hands frequently should have become a habit by now and make sure you keep doing it the entire time while you are on the road, as well as at the accommodation and places you go. Tissues can come incredibly handy and as for gloves, they will come to your use more times than you can imagine.


Pack smartly

When it comes to packing, make sure that you carry all the essential stuff with you, such as scarves, enough clothes, and cover-ups. While dirt and pollution is a very common problem, you will also have to worry about the virus and pack things accordingly. Since the virus can easily breed on the surface of your clothes and footwear, you need to be extra cautious. Therefore, try carrying washable footwear, and don’t forget to bring along sachets of detergent and a bottle of disinfectant to wash your clothes and footwear.


Don’t head out with protective face masks

Wearing a face mask is the first thing you should be doing when heading out. During your road trip, you will meet many people on the way, and human contact can be a bit dangerous, considering you are not aware who is infected or who is not, therefore, for the sake of your own and others safety, always wear a face mask to avoid cross-contamination. Carry a pile of face masks so that you can switch to another one during your journey, and you shouldn’t wear the same mask for more than 10 hours a day.


Keep your hands off your face

The last thing you should be doing is touching your face without washing or sanitizing your hands first. Even if you sanitized your hands an hour ago, you should do it again before you decide to touch your face.

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