Choose Your Own Adventure: Machu Picchu

High in the Peruvian Andes, the ruins of Machu Picchu relaxation amid knife-edged ridges and vertical slopes draped in emerald jungle. Hidden to Western explorers until 1911, when a Quechua guide led Yale historian Hiram Bingham to the website, the astounding Inca town changed into captivating, even in its dereliction. built on a granite mountaintop close to the sun, its complex stone architecture well-knownshows the ingenuity of its fifteenth-century designers. some distance beneath, the Urubamba River rushes thru a green gorge into the Sacred Valley. Our adventure into the mysteries of Incan civilization also includes at Cusco, as soon as the gold-encumbered capital of the empire.

1. Travel with NHA’s Expert Expedition Leader
at the same time as maximum other tour companies provide both an unguided visit to Machu Picchu or they rely on local “step-on” publications who offer most effective scant interpretive services on the ruins, on our immersive adventure you’ll enjoy the full services of a tremendously skilled NHA expedition leader who can be at your aspect out of your arrival in Cusco until your departure. In Peru, our award-wining publications common 15 years’ revel in. And in Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley, they make all of the distinction! See day trip chief bios and vacationer remarks concerning the exceptional of our leaders.

2. At Machu Picchu, Small Groups Are a Must
Explored in the company of a small organization of vacationers, Machu Picchu gives one of the planet’s most significant tour reviews. however in a massive group, with a large variety of travelers competing to listen the manual, your one-time go to to this landmark website online can lose its magic. Our trips average simply six tourists, allowing our guests plenty of personal time at the ruins and in with our leaders.

3. Ours Trips are Run in a Custom Manner to Suit Your Interests
Our adventures are targeted on the pursuits and competencies of each specific institution. while different organizations generally provide standardized displays, our excursion Leaders have the leeway—and the experience—to modify each departure to fit the wishes of our vacationers, giving them access to various elements of the place that regular tourists frequently miss. this is mainly crucial whilst trekking and exploring inside the Sacred Valley en course to Machu Picchu, because of the excessive altitude. Our groups are small sufficient and bendy sufficient that vacationers can walk and explore at their personal tempo.

4. Luxury Accommodations in Natural Settings—Away from Crowds
Our motels are selected to decorate your genuine revel in of Peruvian way of life, away from hordes of other visitors. near Machu Picchu we stay at the Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo resort, a luxury property tucked within lush cloud wooded area plants inside the small town of Aguas Calientes. The resort enjoys a private putting on 12 acres of flower-crammed gardens containing more than three hundred species of orchids. We also spend time in charming bungalows in the peaceful coronary heart of the Sacred Valley, as well as a classic assets that sits at the foundations of an old Inca site and is ranked through Condé Nast vacationer as one of the pinnacle hotels in South america.

5. Our Quality-Value Guarantee Ensures Your Outstanding Machu Picchu Adventure
With natural Habitat Adventures, you acquire our special guarantee that really states that we can meet the excessive expectations we set forth in our promotional materials. To our know-how, this is the maximum ambitious assure made through any adventure journey company. study our critical promise.

6. Feel Good About the Way You Travel
we all care approximately the planet, and you may travel with us knowing that the emissions from your trip are one hundred-percent carbon-offset. herbal Habitat Adventures is the sector’s first carbon-neutral tour employer, a function this is mainly critical when thinking about that polar bears are beneath significant chance from our planet’s warming temperatures.

7. Natural Habitat Adventures Is World Wildlife Fund’s Travel Partner
because of our commitment to environmentally friendly tour, as well as the terrific quality of our small-institution nature adventures, world wildlife Fund, the sector’s leading environmental conservation enterprise, has named herbal Habitat its global travel associate – a designation that makes us extraordinarily proud.

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