City of Milan, Where Class Meets Sophistication

People don’t take trips…trips take people

-John Steinbeck

The soul of a wanderer never tires nor does the destinations! Milan is the place this season. The second richest city in the European Union after Paris, Milan or Milano (in Italian) is a beautiful city in Italy and capital of Lombardy region. Often regarded as the fashion hub, Milan is the place where class and sophistication breathes.

Nurturing arts, commerce, finance, fashion, design, entertainment, education, health care, media, tourism and more to add on the list there is something for everyone in this city of class. Today I bring you why Milan is a must visit place for everyone who travels not just for the sake of travelling. Read along to know more-

Top Rated Tourist Attractions:

Milan Cathedral- dedicated to St. Mary of the Nativity is the largest church in Italy. The amazing fact about this historical church is that it took six centuries to complete. Can you imagine that?? Well it’s true! A perfect Gothic era creation, the cathedral holds mesmerizing artwork on the doors, nave four sided aisle with choirs and apse. The roof of the cathedral is open to the tourists to get a closer view of what’s inside. With that much of time required and thousands of architectures dedicating their best this place is a must visit in Milan.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II- this double arcade building is one of the world’s oldest shopping malls. Named after the first king of Italy, the Galleria is a magnificent building with uncommon iron and glass roof. Though the building underwent several repair and maintenance project after the damages caused by the Second World War, this place is abode to several high end shops, café, restaurants, and much more to entire the visitors. This is again one of the highly appreciated tourist spot.

Brera- often referred as the artistic central of the city, Brera is home to several refined arts which you can confront on the local streets gilded by the painting shops. Once in Brera, don’t forget to visit Biblioteca Nazional Braidense (national library) to get a pure taste of arts and history.

San Maurizio al Monastero- now used as an archeological museum, this place was formerly a church in Milan and was highly dedicated to the most important female convent of the city. Reflecting renaissance and baroque architecture, this place notifies the most important artwork of the 16th century. Covered with gray stones, the walls of the church are ornamented with valuable paintings of great artists.

Apart from these some other interesting places to visit while in Milan are Sforza Castle, Pinacotea di Brera, Piazza del Duomo, Parco Sempione.

Not to Miss Foods:

Cotoletta alla MIlanese

Milan has a lot to serve to your platter. Among some of the best that you should not forget trying includes-Cotoletta alla milamese (it’s a fine meat recipe), Cassoeula (popular winter dish of Lombardy), Panettone (dessert-cake), Michetta (bread and salami), Cassouela at Manna (pork and cabbage)

Where to Stay?

Leonardo Hotel Milan

You can never have enough of Milan. These places are some of the comfortable and peaceful abode for tourists-the city center area is one of the safest and much closer to interesting shopping malls and monuments. To mention a few-Leonardo Hotel Milan, Radisson Blu Hotel Milan, Best Western Plus, Starhotels Rosa Grand, Hotel Galles.

Though you might not choose Milan to be the most desired city to visit once you are in Italy, but trust me this city has it all which is quite enough to satisfy you travelling fantasies.

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