Different Style Pizzas You Can Try in the USA

Different styles of food culture is an intriguing points to note always. No matter where you are now and where you are headed, there is always some anticipation as to what it has in store for you. Well, you are here for a surprise! If you are touring the continental U.S. you are sure to get bound by the limitlessness of food experiments that have made the food culture more popular here and even outside the U.S. The different types of pizzas prepared here have everyone’s heart because the flavor quotient keeps on rising.
Let us the different pizzas you can try while you are in the USA.

Try Different Styles of Pizza in the USA

1. Chicago-Style Pizza

The Chicago-style pizzas are deep-dish-style pizzas with deep loads of mozzarella cheese contained in them. The top crust comes out as that of a pie because of its structure. The crust is reddened with a blazing shade of tomato paste with seasoning packed in. The pizza is cut per usual like a pie or cake and a slice is taken with all the stretchy cheese showing itself boastfully. The Chicago-style pizza can also come with just cheese and meat toppings and thick sauce hiding somewhere beneath.

2. Grandma-Style Pizza

Grandma-Style Pizza

Grandma-style pizza is very ethnic in its flavor and carries a free spirit in its cooking style. Just like your grandma would love to cook anything for you, the grandma-inspired pizza would too do everything to satiate your tastebuds. Just like your grandma fills you up with a lot of food, this pizza is also prepared in the oven in big trays so you don’t leave hungry. It is like that huge family meal that has all the ingredients you love.

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3. Greek Pizza

Greek Pizza

Greek pizza is fully inspired by the usual food ingredients rooted deeply in Greek food culture. The list begins with feta cheese, tomato, Kalamata olives, oregano, etc. All of these colorful ingredients make an appearance on the Greek Pizza, making it look loaded and vibrant. It is a beautiful mess of simple and fresh vegetables and should be tried once by those who are conscious about what goes into their system.

4. New York-Style Pizza

New York-Style Pizza

New York-style pizza is a frivolous combination of cheese, tomato paste, and more cheese. It is that extravagant cousin of pizza that knows no boundaries but it is still a favorite. Known for its characteristic big size, the cheesy slices are made bigger to placate the raging hunger for more delicious carbs. The bubbles of the cheese are browned and soaked in themselves for you to taste the collaboration like a wolf!

5. California-Style Pizza

California-Style Pizza

This style of Pizza is a heartthrob for it has the right balance of crazy and tasty. The crust is made very thin and is hence pretty crunchy but the main focus lies on the selection of toppings which is usually a wild and charred mix of freshly procured vegetables, cheese, and meat options.
It comes decorated with wild mushrooms, caramelized onions, fresh tears of mozzarella cheese, spinach, artichoke hearts, avocado, etc. Some of the toppings are added later.


Intrigued, right? The US is indeed a place for such wild adventures, be it the crazy food pilgrimages that attract tourists like magnets attract metals. The styles of making this dish of Italian origin are plenty around the world and it would take years to follow up with each one of them but the experience is marvelous every time the cheese hits your heart! Food touring can be a great break from a simple and monotonous life and what better could it be to try out different versions of your favorite food? Explore and savor more with these suggestions!

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