Drool Over The Delectable Kuwaiti Gastronomy

The place famous for its hot sand dunes and striking cityscape is also an idyllic food lovers spot. Like the culture of the country which renders a perfect blend of Western liberalism and traditional Islamic influence so is the sizzling cuisine. The Kuwaiti cuisine is a combination of Arabian, Persian, Indian, and Mediterranean cuisines, serving perfect delicacies for all the food lovers.
The Kuwaiti gastronomy is rich in flavors and utter scrumptious that you’ll desire to taste ASAP. The city is dotted with numerous eateries, food joints, and lavish restaurants offering the finest dining experience. So, if food is the reason you travel Kuwait is the best pick.
We have gathered the 5 delicious foods you should try in your next Kuwaiti itinerary.



The rice-based specialty is one of the prominent servings of the Kuwait menu. When you are in Kuwait you can’t miss trying the national dish of the country. The rice-based delicacy is prepared using basmati rice crammed with numerous spices and either mutton or chicken. First, the basmati rice is steamed with rosewater and saffron to add a pleasing fragrance to the dish while the rice is prepared, meat or chicken is prepared separately. Once, both are prepared they are blended with a variety of spices to add scrumptious flavor to the dish.
You’ll find in most of the places the dish is served traditionally with a red sauce called Daqqus.



Harees is a thick soup meal prepared from whole grain wheat and meat. The wheat and meat are mashed together to make a hearty meal savored during winter in most parts of the country. The dish is topped with cinnamon and sugar to add a lip-smacking flavor to the soup. If you plan to visit the city in winter anywhere between December to February do try out this rich soup-dish.


Gers Ogaily

Gers Ogaily is a popular dessert dish in the country also known as perfume cake in some parts and has distinguishing aroma scent. The traditional dessert cake dish is rich yellow colored and is prepared from the saffron, rose water, cardamom, and toasted sesame seeds to give the cake a nice aroma. The use of Cardamom makes the dish a true Arabian desert. You’ll be amazed by how delicious the sponge cake tastes. So, you should definitely try out the appetizing cake with an Arabian twist on your next itinerary.



Shawarma is another popular dish of the rich Kuwaiti gastronomy. The delicious food item is prepared with two types of meat-chicken and goat. The chicken and goat meat are grilled separately. You can also spot French fries, tomatoes, and chopped onions in the Shawarma. The dish can be prepared in different ways and you can find it served in every local shop. Each eatery has their own way of preparing the popular dish and each taste utterly scrumptious and unique. In some recipes even mayonnaise and tomato ketchups are also added. Despite different ways of preparing the dish, one thing is common in all and i.e. all taste mouth-watering.



One thing you should have in your Kuwaiti itinerary, are kebabs. The kebabs are rolled full of flavor and are very soft and moist that you’ll love to taste more and more. In the country, you can try both chicken and lamb kebabs. Traditionally, every place has its own style of making kebabs and in Kuwait, the kebabs are served with Khubz but you can try them with or without Khubz in both ways the taste is great.

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