Eminently Priced Holiday Destinations In The World

When money is no constraint there are many and many fantastic places around the globe that offer you an ultra-luxurious getaway. Travel allows you to escape the daily life’s hustle and bustle and when you’ve deep pockets we think you can pick any exciting place on the globe. Though you might find some places exorbitantly priced however some places just justify the cost. The trips might cost you $1,200 to $1,300 per night but the destinations etch you with jaw-dropping scenery and accommodations that money doesn’t seem a crucial factor at all.
From some places that are deemed to be urban luxurious spots like Paris or London- the lavish destinations surely call for some show-off! After all, you’re spending so much, right? Whether you’re up for dining in the most expensive restaurants or unwind at the heftiest tagged islands we have a posh destination assortment waiting for you!

We have picked the destinations that are worth breaking your bank. You will surely come out by pining one as your next travel spot. Keep scrolling!



This place comes as no surprise! We all know Paris is the world-renowned lavish holiday destination. The capital of romance is a perfect spot if you’re planning a luxurious honeymoon for your beloved or an anniversary surprise. Home to superb historic monuments, outstanding cuisine, posh restaurants, and cafes, lively culture, balmy weather, gorgeous gardens, classic architecture, blend of antiquity and modernity, ultimate shopper’s paradise with a collection of renowned designers, and one of its kind the Eiffel Tower- the French capital has been a huge draw among all those who are looking to splurge on something that offers a great value for money. The city is divided into twenty arrondissements with each one offering a unique and indelible experience. The flavor of the city is worth to savor when you’re looking for an expensive tourist destination and that is worth the expense.


Fiji Islands

The vast stretch of pristine white sands peppered with palm trees bending to the tropical breeze making you feel as if you’ve stepped in the haven. Fiji consists of 330 islands that are worth exploring. The place is packed with raw nature, jaw-dropping landscape, and scenery that etch your mind with an indelible lifetime experience. With all this, the place also offers fun and engaging activities- from snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving, volcano hunt, to surfing- Fiji islands have it all!



The coral archipelago- Bahamas consists of more than 700 islands. The Bahamas is a chain of beautiful and mesmerizing islands. The turquoise blue ocean with a perfect blend of historical sites, the place is a perfect destination for the Avant Grade travelers who want to seek everything from one place. The place is expensive and also offers you a getaway to the most secluded beaches that you’ll feel like your private isle.
You can indulge in a boat trip to discover the striking isles or immerse in the thrilling experience of the snorkeling above the coral reefs.



Norway is just extraordinary! Deemed as the safest spot on the face of earth Norway offers exceptional beauty to the world’s traveler. Though Norway is bestowed with a stunning naturalscape that’s surely not to be missed but the country is charged with quite a hefty cost since we are all about expensive spots we can budge our pockets to the slightest! It’s one of the most expensive tourist destinations but the world-class beauty can make you forsake the money you’ll spend. The accommodation, sightseeing, dining everything is pricey upto $ 1500 per day but nevertheless the place is the finest holiday destination in the world.

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