Explore Maldives- the Island Nation

Unmatched beauty, pristine water, splendid white sand and unsurpassed luxury, what else could a perfect holiday sound like? An amazing underwater experience with over 12,000 islands to explore and fall in love with, Maldives is the traveler’s paradise this season and always.

An island nation located in the Indian Ocean, lying southwest of India and Sri Lanka, Maldives is home to the world’s most beautiful beaches. However, the country is the smallest Asian country in terms of size and population but Male which happens to be the capital is the most populous city and is conferred as the “King’s Island” for being located at the heart.

The clear water that the island nation is blessed with incites a whole lot of water adventures like diving and snorkeling. The gorgeous corals and the captivating underwater lives are just enough to allure anyone interested in marine life. Here is a list of places that you’ll find great and worth visiting to make your trip to Maldives an experience of a lifetime.

  1. Male:
    Grand Friday Mosque

    If you want to see the real Maldives away from the resort lifestyle, Male is the place. It is pronounced as “mar-lay”. Buzzed with lively markets and alcohol free bars and restaurants, you would find brightly colored buildings overlooking the city. The scooters, the cars and the Indian markets selling spices and coconuts are really beautiful. The Male town is thronged onto a pint sized islet in the North Male Atoll. Among places that you’d love to see in the town are Grand Friday Mosque, Atoll Transfer, National Museum and the Fish Market.

  2. Maafushi: Popular for the Maafushi Prison, this island is all charming without the luxury that you’d find in the neighboring islands. With the rising of the guesthouses offered by the locals, this island is becoming one of the favorites among budget travelers. Check out for palm hived beaches, pretty little coffee shops and of course the splendid beaches which will mesmerize you for sure.
  3. Banana Reef: A good majority of travelers coming to Maldives come with intend to please their diving thirst. And when you’re into some serious love for diving go nowhere other than Banana Reef. Apart from the diving passion what else you’ll find here are fruity colored corals, enchanting caves, dramatic cliffs and the so good to watch aquatic lives. The place was one of the first dive sites to be internationally recognized.
  4. Feydhoo: An alluring island with lip smacking seafood and a story to tell. The natives of Feydhoo are former residents of Gan, which was a very fertile land with slender coconut trees and everything that beauty could be. But then during WWII, the people of Gan were resettled in a neighbouring island as Gan was to be transformed in to an airbase. The new abode of the locals is what today we know as Feydhoo.
  5. Gan: If the above story fascinated you, you might want to visit Gan once. Particularly known for its airport and the story leading to its being an former airbase to the British, this spot is gradually getting changed from its past and is turning into one of the favorite spots for tourists. What you can expect here are holiday homes, pristine and azure water, glittering sands, little fishing restaurants adding charm to your holiday.
  6. Kuredu: Looking for some pampering sure this is the place. Kuredu is a high end island resort and spa and is entirely covered by a single resort with beautiful natural bamboo shacks and over water bungalows. The island is kinda private and is popular for its scuba and snorkeling adventures. The place is boomerang shaped with a full nine hole golf course.

So that was list. Try visiting these exotic spots when you are in Maldives next time.

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