Explore the beauty of Japan through these magnificent places

There’s something very distinctive and alluring about the country Japan. While every country is unique and different in their own way, but there are a few countries in general, that are the best in terms of beauty and uniqueness. And Japan is definitely one of those and there’s no other way to it. The country offers a vast range of diversity, ranging from stunning natural attractions to cultural sites. From jaw-dropping landscapes to eye-catching mountains, the country is home to much more than anyone would imagine it to be. This brings us to the point, while we all know that Japan is a land of various beautiful spots but there are a few specific attractions in the country that are truly worth exploring for its enchanting beauty. Without any further delay, let’s go through this list of some of the most beautiful places one should definitely visit in the country.

Arashiyama bamboo grove, Kyoto

This is truly one of the most enchanting and beautiful places to visit in Japan. The swaying bamboo stalks create a very characteristic and whimsical sound which makes the place even more attractive. The grove is full of bamboo trees that cover the area standing tall at a good height. A small path created between the grove can easily be accessed by the public and it snakes through the entire length of this place which makes the whole experience very enthralling and amusing. The early you get here, the better experience you will get. You can take a tour of this place free of cost which can be easily accessed from the main street.

The blue pond

As the name suggests, the pond got its name from the beautiful hue of the water. The exquisite blue color of the water attracts a lot of visitors to this place to witness the stunning view of the pond which is further enhanced by the addition of tree stumps projecting right from the surface of the water. This adds more to the beauty of this place and makes it incredibly gorgeous. This pond was artificially created as a part of an erosion control system, which helps to safeguard the area from mudflows which occurs because of the Mt. Tokachi volcano which is located nearby this place. Also, the uncanny blue color of the pond can be attributed to the presence of natural minerals that are diffused in the water.

Shikoku Island

Other than being one of the major four islands in Japan, Shikoku Island is one of the most beautiful and lesser-known places in the country that offers a very unique experience to every traveler. If you’re looking for a secluded place where you can spend some time in tranquility and solitude, then this is the place for you. At shikoku island, you will find another island ‘Naoshima’ which is known for its art. On the island, you will find a giant pumpkin sculpture that is not only iconic but it is also an artwork that needs to be seen in person. The island has a very laidback vibe to it which also houses several art museums, outdoor sculptures, architecture, and the beaches.

Miyajima Island

This is yet another island which is one of the most stunning places to visit in Japan. The island is also known by the name the ‘island of gods’ which was rightly given to this place. You can expect to witness some of the most scenic spots here including the iconic Itsukushima shrine’s torii gate which stands tall in the midst of the water as you enter the Itsukushima shrine. This UNESCO world heritage site can easily be accessed by boat. Throughout the ride, you will be offered some of the most spectacular views of the surroundings created by the beautiful water and the lush green forest surrounding the area.

Mount Yoshino

Mount Yoshino is rightly said to be the best spot for viewing the cherry blossoms from high atop of the mountain. The entire path and the road leading to the top of the mountain are covered with cherry blossom trees that are present in huge numbers. These gorgeously colored trees cover a great amount of area and look ethereal when viewed from the top creating a contrast with the beautiful lush green forest and mountains. Yoshimizu-jinja shrine and Hanayagura observatory are two of the best places to enjoy the beautiful view of cherry blossom trees.

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