Famous Places in Estonia That Tourists Love

The beautiful country of Estonia is a sweet and unsophisticated haven for people who love to travel and like to admire nature. It is the perfect paradise for people looking for a wholesome travelogue. How? It has a picture-perfect landscape concentrated with the flavors of medieval structures. The tourist places in Estonia have so much to feel that you have assured a sweet vacation no matter what. The beautiful beaches, the serene grasslands, and the romantic suburbs are all catchy and appeal to the tourists coming in. There is an abundance of natural beauty to settle within Estonia. So if you are planning a trip to Europe, Estonia could be one great option.
Let us see the famous places in Estonia that tourists love.


Famous Places In Estonia You Should Visit

1. St. Olaf’s Church

This church had once broken the record by being the tallest building on the planet. Such is its magnum beauty that it was the center of the old town for many years since its foundation during the early medieval times. Being one of the most visited tourist places in Estonia, it is best visited when the sky is clear and the sun is smiling. World war destruction and many occupations, you can name anything, but there is not one thing of historical importance to Europe that the building didn’t see.

2. Kadriorg Art Museum

This eccentric art museum houses pleasant reminiscences of the European history of art in the most grandiose way possible. Talking about the location, it is centered in open palace-like premises which is an atypical feature of European buildings all in all. During the winter season, the bright colors of the buildings come reflecting on the snow sheet outside. You will find some of the most brilliantly done works of European lineage and this is why it is counted among the best places to visit in Estonia. This was a legacy left by Russians during Estonia’s occupation.

3. Narva Castle

The castle has a stunning view of a gigantic coastline. Because of the stunning location and peaceful surroundings of Narva castle, it has become one of the most famous places in Estonia. It is situated where the picturesque view of the sea overwhelms the onlookers. Being a medieval style of architecture, it has had a long-standing history behind an astoundingly attractive air. The upkeep of the best is great with a view of the sparkling quiet water beside. The best view can be soaked when the sun sets and the castle is made into a fireplace.

4. Tallinn Zoo

Tallinn zoo, like any other zoo in the world, will give you a certain set of flora and fauna to have a look at. If you are the kind of traveler who likes being around the wilderness, then you can go on with the Tallinn Zoo. Elephants, tigers, polar bears, bears, white tigers, rhinoceros, camels, deers, crocodiles, and many other friends from the animal kingdom are expected to be seen on the premises of Tallinn Zoo. Be sure to visit it once, to be acquainted with the best places in Estonia.

5. Jagala Waterfall

Jagala waterfall comes as cascading white snow during the winter season. It is a scenic place to be, because of its great height and the loud noise that the falling water makes. The gush of water gives peace to the tourists around and the frozen water makes a monument in itself which is hard to miss. Especially when the winter sun comes out for a bit! It would be great if you finished your travelogue with zeal and concluded your trip with this peaceful tourist place of Estonia.


So these were some of the best tourist places in Estonia that one must visit while making a trip. Enthralling and soothing at the same time, the panorama the place offers is truly mesmerizing. The dark and dense forestry that covers a large expanse of the country makes it a perfect liveable and adored place to live in. Being in the lap of the Baltic, you can expect beautiful food platters coming to your table. The country’s people are friendly, warm, and welcoming which is why its neighbors love it and so do the tourists coming from different parts of the world. Be sure to have spent.

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