From Nature’s Palette: 10 Best Natural Wonders to Visit

Mother Nature is a great artist and her talent can be seen anywhere we choose to go. Apart from the beautiful nature painted destinations that we frequent for our holiday plans, here are top 10 natural wonders you got explore the next time you visit their home destinations. Let’s explore-

  1. Great Barrier Reef, Australia: a paradise for scuba diving and snorkeling, the Great Barrier Reef is one of the most desired places to visit and is one of the beautiful wonders of nature. Housing lively corals and fish, the place spans more than 1,200 miles of pristine waters making the reef the largest aquatic life abode. Located in Australia, the Great Barrier Reef is one place you must visit to explore the great corals and colorful aqua life.
  2. Redwood National Park, California: home to the tallest and the oldest trees on earth, the Redwood National Park in California is another nature’s pride. The place boasts the presence of the tallest tree named ‘the Tall Tree’ which is more than 350 feet in height and is 600 years old. You can imagine what ages and development of times these trees had witnessed still standing headstrong. These miraculous trees can be found nowhere else other than in California and Oregon.
  3. The Glaciers and Icebergs of Greenland: an abode to several species of the whale family, the glaciers and icebergs of Greenland is all superlative and fantastic in its own merit. Besides aweing at those giant glaciers there are lot else you can do like hiking, mountain climbing and angling. And yes you can also enjoy the sight of humpbacks having tails up to 16 feet wide. If you’re lucky enough might also experience the Northern Lights during autumn nights.
  4. Everest in Nepal: the highest mountain in the world, the Mt. Everest is called Sagarmatha in Nepali and amazingly its peak is 8,848 meters above sea level. Undoubtedly one of the most desired and awed wonders of nature, the Everest is not something we all can climb and reach the peak but you need not climb it to admire!
  5. Gran Sabana, Venezuela: we all are familiar with mountains with pointed peaks. But things are different in Gran Sabana in Venezuela. This ridiculously beautiful place is actually a plateau region resting between Venezuela and Brazil exhibiting flat topped mountains. The place is a National Park officially and it’s interesting to know that it is the size of Belgium. Housing several species of endangered animals, orchids and plants, the rocks here are some 2 billion years old.
  6. The Grand Canyon: Another most desired adventurous travel destination in the list, the Grand Canyon stands beautifully with its colored layers. The Colorado River running through Arizona and in between the Grand Canyon is the reason why the Canyon is being layered this beautifully making it a nature’s wonder. Studies say this artistry of carving the Canyon is an ongoing process dating back to 5-6 million years.
  7. Grand Prismatic Springs, Wyoming: the very thought of hot springs is so relaxing. The Grand Prismatic Springs in Yellowstone National Park is the largest hot spring in the United States. It’s simply not the hot springs that it offers, but houses great varieties of wildlife. The place is popular because of its population of the endangered grizzly and elk. The natural geysers here are commendable.
  8. Northern Lights: or Aurora Borealis is one of the fascinating of the nature’s wonders. Seems mysterious to many, these Northern Lights are caused by the collision of solar winds with Earth’s magnetosphere and is visible from several places on earth. These lights are called ‘Northern Lights’ in the north and Aurora Australis in the south.
  9. The Dead Sea: famously known as the Dead Sea because of the amount of salt present in it making it the most salty water bodies in the world. The sea rests on the borders of Jordan and Israel and due to the high quantity in the amount of salt present here, no macroscopic organism can survive here. You can actually walk through it without fear of getting sunk. It’s to know that it served as one of the world’s first health resorts and supplied asphalt for Egypt’s mummification.
  10. The Black Forest, Germany: a name which has become quite familiar with frozen desserts and chocolate varieties actually bears it name from the famous Black Forest in Germany bordering France. The dense, evergreen forests, gothic buildings, vineyards and the lovely fairytale villages are what responsible for its name. The place today is popular for its spas and cuckoo clocks.

These awe-inspiring wonders of nature are pure pleasure destinations in own regards. Next time you run off some adventurous travel ideas, plan visiting these!

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