Fun things to do in Bulgaria to make the most of your trip

Sofia, a beautiful country designed with stunning mountainous interiors and the amazing black coastline that surrounds the area just takes the beauty of this place to a whole new level. The country might not be the first choice of destination for every traveler but it certainly is a place that can make you fall in love with the country’s aura and indefinite charm. The country is a melting pot of culture which is influenced by Greek, Slavic, Ottoman, and Persian lifestyles. Therefore, the art, music, costumes, crafts, dance, everything about this place is so amusing that it can easily make you fall in love with the country. And if we speak of the fun part, surprisingly, there are abundant of things one can do here. The list is so long that it may get a little difficult at times to decide what you should do next. However, to help you out with that we have put together a list of the most fun things you can enjoy in the country.

Enjoy watersports at the beach

We always find ways to enjoy the water at almost every new destination. Similarly, Bulgaria lags no far behind when it comes to enjoying the water at the beach. The country is blessed with a bounty of sunny beaches where you can bask some sun as well as enjoy fun water-based activities to spend your day by the water. This is a great way of spending your day in the country if you’re a water baby and looking to seek some sort of adventure. From jet skiing and canoeing to parasailing and speed boat rides, there are plenty of fun things you can do on the beach which also includes sunbathing as well as enjoying the sunset on the cruise.

Visit the devil’s throat cave

Bulgaria is home to some of the most beautiful and thrilling caves. And of the best examples of these caves is the devil’s throat cave which offers a very enthralling experience. This cave is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city and the reason behind that is the structure of the cave which replicates the shape of the devil’s head. Another main highlight of this place is the waterfall which cascades down through the cave and makes the whole experience even more fun and amusing. The Trigrad River that flows down the cave has resulted in several rock formations which take the whole spelunking experience to a whole new level. Hiking is also a part of the caves which takes you up to the waterfall from where you can witness the stunning view of the surrounding.

Explore the Rila Monastery

The Rila monastery offers a very stunning and amazing backdrop of mountains that envelop the area. This place has a very peaceful and charming vibe to it which attracts a number of visitors every year. Apart from being a UNESCO world heritage site, the Rila monastery allows you to learn about the historical past of the country through a guide. Or you can always explore the place on your own and get lost in the mesmerizing feel of this location. The monastery features various arts from different eras, weapons, the old kitchen, and several galleries.

Take a free tour through the Sofia city

Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria is one of the best highlights of the country. You should definitely take a tour through the city to get acquainted with its culture, history, traditions, and many such things. And when you have the chance to do it all for free, you should definitely utilize the opportunity and go for it. There are many NGO’s and government bodies that arrange a free tour for the visitors in the city. The tour also includes a guide which takes you through all the important historical sites and monuments whilst also briefing you about each and every place.

Take a hike to the 7 Rila lakes

For all the nature and adventure enthusiasts, you would definitely love visiting this place. Located in the Rila national park, the view here is so stunning and jaw-dropping which is truly worth all the hiking. The lakes are magnificent in their own way which takes the beauty of this place to a whole new level. From beginners to experts, this hiking spot is a great place for anyone.


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