How To Spend The Best Weekend In Bruges

Bruges is often called “The Venice of the North” simply because the place is crammed with a bunch of picturesque canals. The cobbled streets, dramatic setting, canals, bridges, everything about this city makes you fall in love over and over again!

The city is full of charm and beauty and thus we would recommend you go slowly on exploring the city. Visiting the iconic attractions or simply strolling on the cobblestoned streets of the town capturing the adorability of the city in small things such as serene canals and bridges, you just can’t deny how badly you need to add this to the list! It seems the city is straight out of fairytales.

We’re so glad to help you out in planning your weekend days exploring the city. Here, is how you can get the best of the city in three days.


Where is Bruges?

Bruges is the capital city of the West Flanders, situated in the Flemish region of Belgium. The city is located in the northern part of the country and is bordered with the Netherlands.
If you’re planning to visit Amsterdam, you surely have to add this to the list as the city is just 3 hours from Amsterdam.


Best Places To Visit

All explore Bruges differently and if you ask us what are the best places to add to the weekend itinerary, here is our top recommendation!


Belfort Of Bruges

The most popular site in the city is the Belfort of Bruges. Built in the 13th-century, Belfort of Bruges is a striking 83-meter tower that marks to be the most loved monument in the city. Not only it is loved by the locals but the visitors too feel awestruck by simply seeing it.
The tower is an epitome of the incredible contemporary Belgian architecture. It becomes even more stunning during Christmas! And, if you want to do some cardio exercise on your trip, climbing the 366 steps to capture the stunning view of the city from the top and then coming back the same way (as there is no elevator to help), we guess it’s a nice option!


Provincial Palace

This comes as no surprise! If you’re in Bruges, you ought to visit the incredible Provincial Palace. Built in the neo-Gothic style, the architecture will simple enthrall you!
Presently the palace is the meeting point of the government of West Flanders. It is just a 1-min walk from the main market. So, we guess it’s very easy for you to explore the palace while you’re wandering in the market.


Relish Canal Boat Ride

In a city full of canals, returning back without relishing a boat ride is simply not possible!
We believe no trip to Bruges is complete without actually rowing a boat. The city is best explored through water and thus we would recommend you not to skip a boat ride. It’s one of the most touristy things you can do on your trip! The canal boat ride is 35-minute long and takes off less frequently so don’t wait for another and hop on the one at comes first!


Beer Museum

It’s even more fun to actually explore the beer museum than sipping it! Beer has been an important part of the history of the country and if you love drinking beer, you must have already added this to the list! Belgium is the leading producer of beer and the museum just takes you through its history.


Burg Square

Spend your last night in the city simply by strolling on the cobblestoned streets and the famous square of the city, Burg Square. Here, you can explore various shops, cafes, and restaurants.

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