Las Vegas- Where the Nights Glow

Take a dive in to the most unforgettable indulgences, seek out some of the best fun addiction and you’ve got a new story to tell, this sin city has a lot more to offer. We are in Las Vegas! One of the most internationally recognized city to fulfill all your desires from travelling to gambling, fine dining, shopping and much.

Located in the southern parts of the United States, Las Vegas is in the state of Nevada. The city is one of the most populated cities of America and one focusing on the metropolitan culture. Scoring its name as one of the most high end entertainment cities of the world and securing its name in the popular culture of movies and fiction, this city is no doubt one of the most tourist frequented destinations of the world. Here are some of the most popular spots of the city you simply cannot miss out when in Vegas.

  1. Fremont Street: shining up in the old downtown Las Vegas, Fremont Street is a five block entertainment district exhibiting the world’s largest video screens. What nice about this area is that it is only pedestrian area with all kinds of fabulous sites. You’d be stunned with those LED lights brightening up the night with uniqueness in its every detailing. The place comes up with great music and stunning visual shows which are real entertaining. Witnessing huge gathering, this place is simply fun!
  2. The Strip: crowned with delightful venues, luxury hotel rooms, entertainment palaces and awed sites, the Strip is one of the most popular spots in Vegas. With illuminated neon at night, the place glows at night which is something worth seeing. Mainly occupied by magnificent hotels, the Strip offers free street side entertainment ranging from eruptive volcanoes to dancing fountains.
  3. Madame Tussaud’s: launched in 1999, the Madame Tussaud’s is a wax museum located in the Las Vegas casino resort in Paradise, Nevada. For anyone who had visited Madame Tussauds before would find that the life-like wax figures of celebs in here are overall related or themed to people of Las Vegas. You’d find popular figures like Elvis Presley to Bradley Cooper.
  4. Las Vegas Natural History Museum: a check out at the natural history of Vegas and a quick break from the hustle bustle of the lovely city is a good option. Take a peek in to the early ages, to the dino era, the marine life or score some knowledge from the ancient Egyptian collection. The place is a must visit for those seeking for some quiet moment and of course some useful knowledge.
  5. Las Vegas Motor Speedway: love fast cars? You’d love this place as well. The name very much confirms that Motor Speedway is a multiple motor racing track to heat up the speeding devil in you. The place hosts events of racing spree and is home to NASCAR races. If you are much pleased with the place to spend a night here, there are camping facilities available too with real good multiple restaurants. So just speed.
  6. Las Vegas Monorail: now this is really a good option to get places with that smooth and comfortable ride. Whether you want to see around Las Vegas or you just want to try out this fabulous transport option, the Las Vegas Monorail is one awesome thing to try. Hop in to enjoy and explore the fabulous sites and scenes of Vegas. Serving seven stations, there is something new in every turn.

So that was a brief glimpse of Vegas. Do enjoy these spots the next time you’re here because not everything that happens in Vegas needs to stay in Vegas!

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