Let’s Eat! Quick Guide to Where to Eat in New York

Well this topic of deciding a dining spot or one of the best restaurants in New York could be real baffling to anyone who is new in the city, probably the case would be different to a local who is familiar to every taste. Here is a list of the finest restaurants where dining would be a toothsome treat to yourself and anyone accompanying you. Take a look-

  1. Two Hands: themed on beach side lifestyle, Two Hands is located at St. Church offering simple, delicious, healthy food with coffee that would keep you wanting for more. Pick on a healthy breakfast or lunch or both and order one of those very beautifully crafted coffee. Check out some of the toothsome snacks and desserts too. The restaurant is popular for its cocktail and beer. Go grab some today!
  2. Via Quadronno: if you are new to the city there is all possibility that you’d stroll around a lot. This place at 25E 73rd St is a classic Italian café. Relish in to all-time hit Italian cuisine with coffee and wine. Recharge yourself for the remaining activities of the day.
  3. Per Se: if you love great food and have real extra to spend, this is the right place. This upscale restaurant is owned by Chef Thomas Keller offering ridiculously delicious food and is located in The Shops at Columbus Center. However, it might get a bit difficult to grab a seat the very day you arrive here or the day after; booking a table is really a great deal here. Also the menu is quite luxe.
  4. by CHLOE: is another place which is a best pick in case you are hit by an idea of trying something vegan. Located at Greenwich Village, this place is real famous for its veggie burgers, pastas and fries. And the amazing fact is non-vegans too are simply crazy about this place!
  5. Wildair: ok now this is a place you should try out for some real good drinking experience along with some real toothsome platter. Run smooth and try out different scoop from the menu-there are all amazing! Located at Lower East Side, this place isn’t going to disappoint you if you really love food and wine duo.
  6. Joe’s Pizza: pizza is something that never leaves our soul no matter where we move to (well in most cases). Located in West Village, you cannot go wrong with this place with authentic and lip smacking varieties of pizza to eat and eat again.
  7. Momofuku Ssam Bar: popular Korean food rally along with Asian lip smacking recipes, this is what the place is famous for. If you like pork you’ll love this place. Check out the amazing stuff they got to serve you. This wonderful place is located in East Village.
  8. Sushi Yasuda: no wonder delicious sushi making is an art and enjoying this art while you munch some of it is at the instant is beyond great. Well here is Sushi Yasuda, one of the most popular spot for sushi. Grab on some real great dessert alongside and keep relishing. The place is located in 204E 43rd
  9. Pearl Oyster Bar: a precursor of the city’s fish-shack trend, the Pearl Oyster Bar is one hot place for lobster shed. Located in St. Cornelia St. this bar is loved for its simple yet lovely exhibition of the sweet mayonnaise neatly (or sometimes not) ornated on almost everything you order. A great casual place to enjoy your lunch, dinner or may be a glass of wine-they all go so well. And those English names of food in the menu are simply delectable.
  10. The Spotted Pig: Don’t know why they named it so, but it’s one of the best restaurants and hang out in NYC. Located in West Village, this spot is awesome for anything that you’d love to order and at any time of the day (night). When it’s hang out and when there are friends, this place is real good to visit.

You can never have enough of New York when it comes to fun and eating of course. These joints are some of the best among the many good ones in the city. The next time or the first time you’re here, don’t forget to try some of the spot from the list to enjoy a meal you’d love to repeat.

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