Marvelous Things to Do In Fascinating Country Namibia

Traveling to Namibia is a unique package full of discovering ancient rock arts, hiking great sand dunes, spotting free-roaming wildlife, and much more!
Namibia is an enthralling country located a few miles away from The Fish River Canyon. The country is named after the world’s oldest desert, the Namib Desert, and is the least crowded place which means it’s a perfect stop for secluded vacay. If you’re traveling to Namibia you’ll explore raw and protected wildlife as the country has taken conservation very seriously and is the only country where animals roam freely without any human interruption and have the largest population of Cheetahs too.
If this doesn’t compel you to plan a vacay we don’t know what would? There are endless things to do in the country and we have listed the top 5 things you must do on your trip. If you want to know what are those 5 things, well, then keep on reading!


Visit The Etosha National Park

The Etosha National Park is the greatest wildlife sanctuary offering spectacular wildlife screening. If you love to explore nature and wildlife, this is the perfect place to add to your itinerary. The park is a unique ad is the best place to capture the country’s diverse array of habitat and vegetation. Here, you can do various things from camping to exploring animals.
The best time to visit the park is between May and December.


Get Lost In The Skeleton Coast

Is this for real? Yes, it’s the question you’ll ask after viewing this incredible charm. Stretching over the northern part of Namibia to the south of Angola, Skeleton Coast is one such place that makes the country a hype among the tourists and we must the say the place lives up to all the hype. Spanning over 40 km of the area, the Skeleton Coast is worth exploring. The sandy soaring dunes, rusting shipwrecks, rocky expanse, the place is a hostile and fascinating land.


Hike At The Famous Fish River Canyon

Another thing that makes the country popular among the world’s travelers is the great trekking trail the Fish River Canyon. The place is a famous hiking trail in the country and if you haven’t hiked during your vacay it’s like you missed the absolute charm of the country. Though the hiking trail is tough but you won’t regret taking an 85-km long trial. However, if you’re a beginner to hiking we won’t recommend taking up this.
The best season to travel to this place is from May to mid-September.


Explore The Capital City Windhoek

The capital city of the country, Windhoek is the best place to explore the country’s architectural feats and incredible history. The city is famous for museums, colonial churches, and the Heroes’ Acre war memorial. If you’re visiting the country this is the best place to kick-off your sojourn. Besides, exploring the place, don’t forget to taste the delectable cuisine of the country that will melt your heart.



Solitaire is a small deserted town with less than 100 people, yes you heard that right! And, is the best place to capture the country’s rich culture. The town gives an apt Namibian feel!
You can spend one or two absolute days here doing and experiencing something never done before. The town includes a gas station, bars, and cafes. While there is not much to see but there is for sure something magical that captivates you throughout.

So, these are the top 5 things you can do at Namibia. We hope the feed turns out to be a great help!

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