Oslo: The Land of History and More

An unbeatable mixture of natural sceneries, cultural life, cracking nightlife and food culture you’d drool on. This beautiful fun city is one of Europe’s fastest growing capitals with an amazing backdrop of architectural beauties and is lovingly called Oslo!

The beautiful city of Oslo is also the capital of Norway. Speaking of its natural beauty and the glorifying history of the city, there is much more to the green spaces and museums you’d find there. The fun city rests on the country’s southern coast at the head of the Oslofjord.

A much alluring place to explore about, here are 7 top attractions of Oslo you can’t afford to miss.

  1. Norwegian Folk MuseumOne of the worlds’ oldest and the largest open air museums, the Norwegian Folk Museum is a wonderful place to visit when you’re here. With mind-blowing collection of extensive artifacts from all social background and region of the country, this place is a must visit for anyone who is keen to know about the culture and history of the country. Located on the Bygdoy peninsula, close to several other museums, you would also find the Viking Ship Museum, the Kon-Tiki Museum, the Fram Museum and the Norwegian Maritime Museum. Historically rich, this place is a sure visit.
  2. Akershus FortressA medieval castle built with the aim to protect Oslo, the Akershus Fortress dates back somewhere in the 1290s but the exact date of construction is not known. The fortress has a record that it was never really been besieged by a foreign enemy. However, it surrendered without fight to Nazi army in the year 1940. King Christian IV had the castle modernized and converted into a Renaissance castle and royal residence. The fortress often host major events like concerts, public holidays and ceremonies. Guided tours are also available.
  3. Vigeland Sculpture ParkOne of the Norway’s major attractions, the Vigeland Sculpture Park is the world’s largest sculpture park made by a single artist and named after him. The park displays the works of Gustav Vigeland with more than 200 sculptures in bronze, granite and cast iron. The park is free and remains open throughout the year. Quiet an amusing place for walks or simply when you feel like sitting calmly gazing at the artists’ creation and what inspired him for such brilliant piece of art. Some of the popular sculptures include The Angry Boy, the Wheel of Life and the Monolith. There are also temporary art exhibitions held every now and then.
  4. TusenFryd Amusement Parklocated some 20 kilometers south of Oslo, the TusenFryd Amusement Park is all fun and game spot and perfect pick for anyone looking for some much awaited family fun. There are some more than 30 fun attractions, great games, shop and food court. An all-time favorite spot for kids and elderly alike, this amusement park also offers a water park with a swimming pool, a swimming river and a huge waterslide. The park is divided in to special themed areas including a pretty little Fairy Tale Land. If you’ve kids this is a must visit place.
  5. National Gallery Love art? Then you shouldn’t be missing this spot. Come home to Norways’ widest collection of paintings, sculptures and drawings at National Gallery. “The Screen” and “Madonna” are some of the finest attractions of the gallery. Several breath taking paintings from the Romantic era and works from French impressionists have special place in the gallery. Visitors too can test sketching skills in The Drawing Room while you draw inspiration from Gustav Vigeland’s sculpture.
  6. The Norwegian National Opera & Balletalso known as the Oslo Opera House, the Norwegian National Opera & Ballet is located right at the harbor. A very alluring place, the spot is great for is visitors to climb its roof and enjoy panoramic views of Oslo and the fjord. There are windows at street level providing the public with glimpses of rehearsals and workshop activities. A rich and vibrant place full of arts and more, this place is a one stop halt for arts lovers.

So that was the list of some of the most fabulous and awe-inspiring locations to seek for while in Oslo. Do visit!

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