Peruvian Foods to Fancy in South American Trip

Sometimes all we need is a hefty long break from the monotonous work life. To get rid of the buildup and to explore the things that have been left unchecked for way too long. The tasty food palette of Peru should draw you in like a charm. Visit the amazing place now to feel the burst of flavors in every bite and the drizzle of frequenting sea breeze, mountains, and the earthy smell of the nearby Amazon rainforest. There is a lot to feel, touch, and taste in Peru. Join the tourist base for a bite!
Here are the top 5 foods you must try when you are here!

Peruvian Cuisine to Savour While in South America

1. Potatoes in Cheese Sauce

Potatoes in Cheese Sauce

Potatoes and cheese are the love of many, rather most. Most of the comfort foods of the world have the right amount of zeal with a load of potatoes and stretchy or creamy cheese. The dish is no exception in beauty. The soft pieces of potatoes are drizzled over with cheese sauce of absolute comfort and decadent consistency. The complex versions have more garnishing and topping of cheese. Quite simple but satisfying to the core!

2. Ceviche


A typical Ceviche consists of fish salad that is freshly caught from the South Pacific. It is a beautiful mix of salad vegetables and fish cubes That values the taste of fresh food above anything else. The very concept hence focuses on the derivation of the natural flavor of the ingredients hence there are thinly sliced red onions for a strong pungent taste, then the acidity of lime juice, the fragrant cilantro leaves, and peppers for the zing!

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3. Potato Casserole

Potato Casserole

Not your usual loaded and slacking casserole but a layered one with potato and cheese placed alternatively. Eggs, milk, and soft spices go around the casserole for added flavors, and yes the excess of cheese and butter makes the whole bite dream-like. The air bubbles are evident, and so is the paper-like softness of the savory pastry so prepared. The restaurants in Peru serve it to the tourists with different types of cheese which form the crusty top!

4. Creamy Chicken

Creamy Chicken

Creamy chicken is everyone’s favorite. This portion of protein is well-loved. The consistency and the soft savory taste that kicks in with every bite just melt the chicken in your mouth. Just like any other chicken-based comfort food, this one too has your heart. With some veggies and zealous combos of spices, you can pair it with anything. Plus, the homemade version would also have rice served along. We all vibe there, don’t we?

5. Grilled Heart

Grilled Heart

A fervent food of Peru here, the skewers are bunched with sizzling hot beef hearts topped heavily with spices and seasonings. Eat it if you only have the heart to! To be true, this is the perfect way to eat the heart of the beef because otherwise, the taste of the heart usually peculiarly stands out from the rest of the cuts, it is an organ of the meat source. Plus, the sizzling smokiness has all the flavors of the heart leveled up. Say yes to the grilled heart!

Peruvian food is a legion of concentrated comfort foods that are too tasty to be left on the plate. It speaks of simplicity and complex emotions that pour in thereafter. The Peruvian is a true delight after a heavy day at work or a hectic study schedule. It can be a wholesome treat for sad and cold days, for days when you don’t feel your best. Such is the beauty of Peruvian foods. You see that the options here are plenty and the conceptualization of the foods has much European influence too. Hop on with an empty stomach and grow yourself a fan!

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