Popular travel destinations that have reopened their borders for tourism

After having been cooped inside the house for the last few months, we all could definitely use a relaxing vacation. Most countries have lifted the lockdown and eased the border restrictions, making them accessible to international visitors. Although this is not possibly the best time to go for an international holiday, people who are avid travelers cannot go long without taking a vacation, especially when the current situation made them stay home for months. It’s not easy to stay trapped inside your home for a long duration, it can be mentally exhausting. Therefore, if you are looking for places where you can travel to during the times of coronavirus pandemic, you might find this article to be of little use. We have rounded up a list of some of the best travel destinations around the world that have reopened their borders for international visitors, take a look at them.

Important note: Every country has set different guidelines and protocols for international tourists, and that can be changed anytime. The countries listed below are currently allowing international visitors, but the decision can be reversed anytime, or there might be certain protocols that you will have to follow, therefore, stay updated and keep checking with local and federal authorities before traveling.



Barbados reopened its border to tourists on July 12th, allowing the international tourists to visit the country. Although the border has reopened, there are particular sets of requirements for different nations that have been categorized into high risk, medium risk, low risk, and countries within the ‘bubble’ groups. The common entry requirements for all passengers include- wearing a mask all the time while at the airport and on the inbound flight, filling out the ED form, and undergoing a health assessment that includes temperature check.



Bermuda reopened its border for tourism on July 1st. It is accepting visitors from all the nations, and every incoming visitor must adhere to all the health protocols that have been set by the local government. The travel protocols for international travelers include- completing Bermuda travel authorization process within 48 hours of departure, taking a COVID-19 test before the departure (within 72 hours or 7 days before the departure) and the result should negative, wearing a face mask, and maintaining physical distance the whole time while traveling or arriving at the airport. Upon arrival, you will also have to show your travel insurance along with a negative COVID-19 test.



Croatia was one of the few countries in Europe that opened its border for international visitors in July. The country has been reopened for all international visitors, including the US; however, the visitors are required to adhere to certain safety protocols set by the government. All foreign visitors must present a negative PCR test to authorities, which should not be older than 48 hours, other than that, they will also have to show the relevant proof of their visit. Visitors who fail to present the negative COVID-19 test, they will be required to self isolate for 14 days.


The Maldives

The Maldives reopened its border for all tourists on July 15. Visitors entering the country won’t have to show a negative COVID-19 test or quarantine themselves unless they exhibit any symptoms. However, they will have to show a booking confirmation in a registered tourist facility, which is also prerequisite for obtaining the visa. Other than that, you will also have to wear a face mask at the airport, practice good hand hygiene, and maintain physical distancing. Besides that, you will also have to undergo screening and temperature checks at the first point of entry for tourists.

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