Stroll On The World’s Breathtaking Streets

Only if you travel you discover how big and beautiful the world is. The planet is brimming with otherworldly naturalscapes and jaw-dropping wonders. So, capturing the best of the world we came across the 5 most stunning streets in the world you should must-visit. Apart from the skyscrapers, pristine beaches, and snow-capped mountain peaks, streets are the most underrated personification of beauty. But, believe us these 5 will blow your mind and are visually pleasing. And not to forget the streets offer some really wonderful shots for your Instagram feed.
No one is to blame you if you never wish to leave the streets; these are that beautiful! A walk immersed with beauty all around is the most wonderful thing. So, we have gathered the most spectacular paths for you! Do check them out.


Dumbo, Brooklyn, New York

The street in Brooklyn’s Dumbo vicinity is regarded as the most favorite street for those utterly wonderful shots. It would not be wrong to say that the street is the most photogenic path in the world. The cobblestoned street at the intersection of Washington Street and Water Street is a huge draw for millions of tourists every year. The antique red-brick buildings and the iconic view of the Manhattan Bridge gives you a dramatic outlook.
Day or night, summer or winter, rainy or sunny the street looks majestic all the time.


Burano, Venice, Italy

At the very first sight, you’ll fall in love with the street of Burano. The street wrapped with colorfully painted houses whilst a canal just seems like you have stepped into a painting. The thoroughfare offers you a dreamy walk. Though the houses were not painted uniquely to make the street appear exciting rather to distinguish the houses from each other but it turned out in making one of the world’s most beautiful streets.


Ocean Drive, Miami

The thoroughfare on South Beach has been featured in many movies and videos. The bustling alleyway is famous for its Art deco hotels, restaurants, and bars. The street is wrapped with colorful night lights, palm trees, and pastel-hued pavement cafes making it the most iconic spot on Miami Beach.
Ocean Drive is the most energetic path where you are wrapped in the most delectable dining, buzzing culture, colorful shops, and pleasant sea breeze. Ocean Drive is the heart of the city with hordes of visitors wandering around. So, the street is a not to be missed.


Hollywood Road, Hong Kong

The most famous thoroughfare in Hong Kong is dotted with dozen of antique shops, temples, a backstreet flea market- the list of attractions don’t end here. It is the most important commercial hub of the city where you can spot the greatest works by the finest Chinese artists. If you love to see the Chinese antiques and artifacts, the shops lined by the road are the perfect place. The path is full of energy and life and if you plan to visit Hong Kong do visit Hollywood Road.


Bourbon Street, New Orleans

Situated in the city’s oldest region, Bourbon Street is bustling, strident, and a sizzling nocturnal. The street offers a perfect party scene to all the New Orleans tourists. The beads decoration, agonizing music, and the neon lights make this place an ideal party settlement. The street is named after the royal family in France and serves celebrations of all sorts. You will notice that the doors and windows are always left open describing how welcoming the street is. The charm of the street never misses to flatter its visitors.

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