Taste of Travel-17 Yummy Recipes of India

Who doesn’t love to eat? I bet you won’t find one. We all are in some way or the other same because we all have a love for eating though of different and distinct from each others because of the different food habits and culture we follow. Having said that, India is a country with a massive population and diverse culture. Here I bring you not one but 17 delicious food items from all corners of India-


  1. Bommidala Pulusu- Andhra Pradesh

A popular mouthwatering traditional fish curry dish, derived its name from the fish of Bommidala region. It is best known because of abundant use of spices and aroma.


  1. Masor Tenga (Sour Fish Curry)- Assam

Another food item to tickle your taste bud. Cooked with fresh “mas” (fish) with “thekera” (dried mangosteen) or sometimes “nemu” (lemon) with exotic fresh spices and herbs at home gives this dish an unbeatable aroma and taste.


  1. Apong and Pork –Arunachal Pradesh

Apong and Sengmora with pork

A must try for pork lovers. Smoked pork with sengmora leaves (sengmora xaak);a local favorite with Apong (traditional rice beer) is a all time hit.

  1. Ilish Macher Jhol-West Bengal

Illich Macher Jhol

This is one of my personal pick. A mouth watering combination of Hilsa Fish with white mustard paste or oil with aromatic spices like garlic seasoned with fresh coriander leaves-will leave you wanting for more

5. Litti Choka –Bihar

litti chokha

A popular dish from Bihar made with Indian puffed bread stuffed with spiced gram which is called “Litti” eaten with mashed and spiced potatoes named “chokha” goes very well with desi ghee and is a snack time favorite.


  1. Chila- Chattisgarh

Among the lot many delicacies of the state, Chila is something that is popular all round India happens to be a contribution of Chattisgarh. Made with rice and black lentil or urad dal batter into flat bread seasoned with variety of kitchen favorite herbs is a must try dish.


  1. Bebinca-Goa

The beach central of India has a lot of aromas stocked in its kitchen Bebinca is sweet dish