Tasty Delights To Try During Bahrain Trip

Although the gulf country is not very abundant with its flavors, as much of the spices have to travel long distances to rich your plate, Bahrain has its style of putting the stuff together and making your heart flutter with joy. Here, you are sure to find a bit of everything that can be relished by your different moods and cravings. It is not surprising to notice how boastfully it represents the different flavors of Persia and the Middle East. If you want to bite into some of the succulent Bahraini dishes, come and explore the island!

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1. Machboos


The national dish of Bahrain, Machboos represents the very love of the locals for the long and fluffy grains of rice. It is made with fragrant grains of basmati rice and mixed with juicy and charred cuts of chicken. There is an abundance of flavorful seasonings, nuts, and caramelized onions that create a fantastic relish for lazy days. A wise would like some curd salad on the side, always.

2. Samboosa


Ever had Indian samosa? If yes, you have a fair idea of what this little snack has in for you. The flattened dough is filled with veggies or minced meat and then rolled to look something like a triangle. These are then deep fried in oil and taken out once they have gone golden-brown. Your flattery plate of bite-sized samboosa is often accompanied by mint dip.

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3. Balaleet


A magical sweet and savory dish, in Bahraini Balaleet you find the most soft-textured food items rumbled up like a present. Soft and springy vermicelli is tossed with shreds of vegetables and is topped with pieces or a whole omelet on the side. The sweet flavors from the rosewater-infused vermicelli and the strong saltiness from the omelet are to die for!

4. Luqaimat


Luqaimat is a sweet relish item for many tourists like you who love little sweet delights to go with their vibe. These are deep-fried sweet balls that resemble plums They are made out of flour, date syrup, butter, saffron, and yeast to fluff them up. The balls are rolled and then fried until their color is a fiery shade of red. You can have a mouthful of these after meals or have them as snacks during evening hours.

5. Harees


If you think that you have traveled Asia enough and nothing can surprise you anymore, Harees is something you need to try. It is one dull-looking savory meat dish that might not appeal to you that much but its flavors hit the right spot. Boiled chicken meat is cooked with broken barley and wheat grains until it looks starchy and stretchy. Then flavorings such as spices and onions are mixed after the mixture turns aromatic. A typical Harees is garnished with coriander, burnt garlic/onions, and olive oil.
This one is a festival favorite dish for the Bahraini local population.

6. Kebab


You have been through many non-vegetarian dishes so far. Looking for a change? Try Bahraini kebabs that are made out of purely vegetarian instincts. These flattened kebabs contain gram flour, onions, garlic, and many chilies if that entices you. These are fried until brown and served with spicy dips. A favorite snack among many Asian cultures, this has your hunger cured!
The country has all the right elements to have a place on your bucket list. First, it offers a majestically beautiful plate of cuisine. Bahraini foods are delicious in all respects because there is one dish for every texture. Second, the townships here are more modernized and find their core in the Arabic culture, a distinctly Asian flavor of the region. Third, lush and gigantic pals that you only see here. Lastly, you will find time to soak yourself in ample sunlight. All the tang will help you alleviate better!

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