Things To Keep In Mind When Planning a Vacation To Deserts

There is something very striking about deserts-secluded, wild & sandy, treeless, rough, still, deserts have their own special charm that makes them a stark beauty. A trip to the desert is not as it might sound you instead it is crammed with a lot of exciting and adventurous things- hot- air balloon rides, Dune-bashing, ride a quad bike, and much more that can captivate your mind and soul. If you love to explore the vast stretch of barren lands you need to plan your itinerary very diligently as a trip to these barren lands is filled with many challenges that can hamper your bliss moments.

High temperatures, dehydration, roughness, dunes, harsh and hot winds there are a lot of things you need to be prepared before you hop on to the aridest grounds of the world. But, all these things can’t make you skip a desert trip if you keep in mind certain tips & tricks; you can kick-off your sojourn to the Sahara’s or Sonora’s very smoothly.
Before you plan your desert vacation do consider these helpful tips that will make your vacation a much more joyful one. There is no harm in going for some planning as deserts are something very new grounds for you both area vise and climate vise.


Navigation is The Key

It’s very easy to be lost in the deserts so always carry a compass along with you when you hit the deserts. When you travel often the distances can seem to be deceptive as what looks 5 miles away maybe 20 miles away in the deserts so it’s very important you carry a compass and keep GPS systems installed. Compass keeps you in course when you are traveling deserts so by no means you should ditch packing these essential tools along with you.


Check Out Weather In Advance

When you decide to plan your itinerary do check out the weather in advance so that you’ll be prepared for the sudden changes that can occur. The weather in deserts is quite fluctuating so it’s better to be prepared well in advance and pack accordingly. Usually, deserts are accompanied by dry and hot climate but it also depends on which desert are you planning to holiday as some deserts are known to be the world’s hottest deserts with temperature going up to 50 Celsius. So, a little bit of planning and research of the place can prove to be very helpful.


Carry a Thin Blanket

We would recommend that instead of packing another sweater you should carry a thin blanket as they would be easy to carry and you can wrap yourself after the sunsets. This blanket would keep you much warmer than the sweater.


Drink Enough Water before Hiking

To keep yourself hydrated throughout the trail we would recommend you drink enough water before you commence your hiking. Moreover, you can also carry along with you a water bottle as you are visiting the hottest grounds on the face of the earth. So, to keep everything going water bottle is a must.


Take With You An Emergency Kit

No matter where you are going if you are traveling keeping an emergency kit is very important. Though there are some universal things that go in every emergency kit such as mediactions, bandages, and ointments. But, there are certain additions when you’re traveling to deserts.

Always carry mosquito repellents, facial mists, ice packs in your emergenbcy kit if you are traveling to barren lands. The harsh weather can keep your skin dry and irritated so carrying an ice pack and facial mist is an absolute must.

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