Things You Should Avoid While On Plane

A safe and pleasant journey is all that we can expect while on flight. But while travelling there are certain things that we might end up doing or often might have witnessed others doing which leads to an unpleasant consequence, more of a discomfort; sometimes to us and at times to others. Read on to know more about what are the things that you should seriously avoid doing while aboard.

  • Don’t Fool Around With Your Safety: we all know how important the safety belts are but beside the fact most of us keep fussing with it. Needless to provide the information about its safety which you already know, people try avoiding it and sit unbuckled throughout the flight. I have noticed many of them doing so. If you are one among them, avoid it the next time you’re on-board. There’s a purpose for everything (except for you sitting unbuckled), so does the safety belt. You never know when emergency calls, least think of the ones who are waiting for your safe arrival.


  • No New Medication for The First Time: never consider the idea of trying on a new medicine for the first time before your flight. The reasons are obvious-you might end up having an allergy or even worst, you might start seeing things. Whatever consequences that can be listed under negative, can badly affect your journey worrying the ones travelling with you. Besides, if your body starts reacting negatively to such an intake, you know you’ll have to wait until you see a doctor after you land. Still if you feel the need of such medicines strongly; go for a home test first to know its suitability on you. If that too seems difficult, hold on to the regular ones.


  • Sitting Throughout the Journey: it’s funny but I’ve met people who wouldn’t move out of their seat not even once while on flight. You are not expected to move about all the time but there are always huge chances that the low air pressure in the cabin can slow your circulation resulting in inflammation of your veins leading to blood clot. A prolonged blood cloth can be real bad for health. Moving around can be a problem sometimes when you are on a window seat. In that case, you might want to do some simple leg exercise to help you keep up. Start simply by moving your heels up while your toes touch the ground and then repeat by raising your toes up while your heels touch the ground.


  • Don’t Drink Too Much: dehydration is very natural while flying and drinking helps. But then drinking on to too much alcohol in the flight isn’t good for neither you nor your fellow passengers. A slight amount of alcohol helps falling asleep in flight but then over the mark will make you go out of your senses and regret later for the foul things that you might do and sadly won’t remember most of them.


  • Don’t Joke About Accidents Or Bombs: don’t crack jokes or start a topic that might create discomfort to others and bring you problems while on air. While joking about accidents, hijack or bombs, there are full possibility that you can cause a sense of fear among the fellow passengers (least they share the same level of humor as you) also discomfort to the ones who are travelling for the first time by plane. Provided, it also at some point might place you under suspicion in the eyes of the attendants and the co-passengers. And in such cases, you can be removed from the flight if they suspect slightest