To Dubai, City from the Future

You travel the world but if you skip this place, you didn’t travel at all! Dubai is the ultimate destination for every traveler. This place has so much to enthrall anyone visiting here. Here in this article Dubai is the destination you should visit once in a lifetime. Read on to discover why…

The largest and the most populous city in United Arab Emirates or UAE, Dubai is located in the southeast coast of Persian Gulf and is one of the most potent and important business hub in the Middle East. Dubai itself is a chronicle of list of the worlds’ biggest, largest, and tallest and everything that’s enough to create prominence and desire to visit and explore. Over the years Dubai has emerged as one of the most popular and tops the list holiday destinations for tourists. Here is why Dubai will retort to all your travelling quests

Cosmopolitan Outlook- Dubai caters and is a beautiful medley of culture and lifestyle of different countries with pure reflection of its own culture and heritage. The place is full of energy and you would find it everywhere-from the soil to the high skyscrapers.

Hotels-the grandest, the expensive or star line experience is right here in Dubai. There’s something for everyone. Choose any backdrop of hotel you wish to stay in-sea facing, sands or simply the mountains, Dubai has it all.

Superb Shopping Experience- don’t pack, get it in Dubai! Simply saying! But no, it’s true that Dubai won’t disappoint you when its shopping spree. Boasting the presence of the world’s largest mall, you can buy almost anything here. It’s interesting that this place offers you items at price cheaper than most popular places in the world.

Amazing Stuff to Do- I bet you can’t enjoy snow skiing and camel ride on sand in one instance. But Dubai gives you all. This is possibly why this place is most popular among visitors worldwide.

To Visit-

Burj Khalifa- for those who are not aware, Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest tower standing 828 meters high and is a marvel to witness. The design being derived from Islamic architecture, the tower consists of residential space, high end restaurants and stores, entertainment galleries and much for you to be astonished. With 163 stories to reach for, everything seems astounding here.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo-located in the Dubai Mall, the Dubai Aquarium is another marvel that you’ve got to see. If you’re one who is into high spirited things like scuba diving, water life and similar stuffs, this place is for you. You can check out dolphins, sharks, lion-fish, spider crabs and much of the water life here and tr