Top 10 best tourist attraction in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe have enjoyed the status of best tourism attraction till early 1990’s but after the land reform program in 2000, there was 75% decrease in tourist which highly effect the economy of Zimbabwe. We thought we should remind you about the glory and best tourist places in Zimbabwe so that tourist return back to enjoy natural beauty and natural wounder.


1. Harare

Harare is the capital city of Zimbabwe with an area of 370.9 sq meter and elevation of 1,490 feet. It is the most populated city of Zimbabwe which was founded in 1890. Due to its presence at high altitudes it has a subtropical highland climate.

This huge city has a number of outskirts to visit which should not be skipped by the tourists like Chapungu Sculpture Park, Zimbabwe Museum and National Heroes Acre. It is a one of the largest commercial city of Zimbabwe which is popular in trading for the variety of products including Cotton, Maize, Tobacco and Citrus fruits.

It is the city where gold is mined and has many industries like chemical industry, steel industry and textile industry.


2. Victoria Falls

There’s a clear reason why tersely-named Victoria Falls is one of Zimbabwe’s must-see places.

Like the eponymous towns of Niagara in the US and Canada, the settlement is just a stone’s throw from the roaring waterfalls that gave it its moniker. Thousands of people flock here to see the awesome sight every year too.

They join the baboons in the jungles and delve into the Victoria Falls National Park just to the south of the center, gawping and gasping as the great curtain of water comes into view, cascading dramatically off its black-rock cliffs in plumes of steam and mist.


3. Zambezi River

The fourth largest river flowing up to 2700 kilometers is the Zambezi river in Africa. Zambezi river is the best place for tiger fishing, from September to April. Summers are the best months for fishing as the fish feed in these months the more. Fishing is usually done at Kiambi Lower Zambezi. Here one can be provided with all types of facilities including luxurious accommodations to cottages and best camps. Boats are provided for fishing with a boatman and cooler boxes fixed in. the place is visited early in the morning. A huge number of tourists visit this place every year.


4. Bulawayo

Bulawayo belies a sort of New Orleans vibe. It’s got age-stained colonial frontispieces that ooze art deco and Victorian regal styles. It’s got swaying trees dotting its old avenues, and the occasional Anglo-esque public house occupying the arcades.

But this second city is more than just a historical relic. It’s also an industrial and economic hub, once known for its smoke-belching factories, and still crisscrossed by more railway lines than you can shake a Ndebele tribal trinket at.

The town is indelibly green and flowery, with bougainvillea cascading over the rooftops and palms peppering the roundabouts. Between it all you can see elegant governmental buildings, go shop