Top 4 Tourist Places To Visit In Guinea, Africa

While Guinea is not a popular tourist spot but this underrated destination is bestowed with a stunning natural scenery, lively culture, friendly locals, raw and unfiltered speck of nature.
A trip to the West African jewel is promised with both adventure and serenity. Guinea is not as developed as the countries in Southern Africa but that doesn’t devoid the travelers from planning a sojourn to Guinea. The country is not so expensive and thus a great option for budget travelers around the globe.
If you’re wondering to travel to Guinea, here, are the top 4 places you must-visit during your trip. These places will open up the best in the country and you’ll surely relish an absolute time!


National Park Of Upper Niger

One of the most important and popular destinations in the country is the National Park Of Upper Niger. Spanning over an area of 554 sq km, the park guards the crucial expanses of forests and savannah.
The park is home to various wildlife species including Mammals as the main draw but there are other species too such a lion, African manatee, and Gambian mongoose. There is also one lake in the park and the park is covered with lush trees and mountains.



Kindia is the fourth largest city in the country and is popularly known for the Mt. Gangan, the place known for its various endemic species.
The city is visited by a fewer number of visitors and thus calls for a secluded trip. The friendly and simple locals make the trip an indelible. Whether you want to explore the place like a local or like a tourist, either way, Kindia is a great choice.
It’s something magical about the city, the serenity and simplicity of the city attract the visitors and no one is to blame you if you never wish to leave the city.


Mount Nimba

Placed between the borders of Guinea, Liberia, and Cote d’Ivoire, Mount Nimba is a popular tourist spot for all those who love hiking and enjoying great views. The mountain slope is covered with a dense forest area and is UNESCO-acclaimed World Heritage Site.
The Mount Nimba is also known as Mount Richard-Molard and is the highest peak of the region. The place is popular for hiking and is great for both seasoned and amateur hikers. Hiking the place where three countries meet is a great experience and you must head for hiking at Mount Nimba.


Relish The Delectable Cuisine

When in Guinea don’t forget to try the delectable food of the country.
Rice is the staple food used in most of the Guinean dishes while other ingredients may vary from region to region. Some of the popular dishes of Guinean Cuisine include-
Fou fou- savory pastry
Bouille-a soup dish
Cooked Mango-ripped mangoes are cooked in a tandoor to give a caramelized taste.
Fried Plantain-a starchy banana dish
Fouti-a popular dessert
And, tamarind Drink- a refreshing drink
Do head to any local café or local market area to try out the amazing dishes of the Guinean cuisine.

So, these are the top 4 things and places that you must add to your Guinean itinerary. Make sure you carry cash along with you as cards are least accepted in the country. Also, be mindful of your surroundings while the country is generally safe but to avoid any hapless situation being vigilant to the surroundings is the best.
We hope the feed turns out to be a great help!

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