Top Christmas Souvenirs to Get From Sweden

The colder destinations prepare a bit differently for Christmas than the tropics do, for these reasons, you are assured to get hefty varieties of souvenirs that are specially made only in these regions, those that have a degree of resemblance to the Santa fever in a snowy backdrop. Collecting souvenirs from your Christmas could become a full-fledged hobby for an interesting traveler in you. So if you are making such plans, make sure to collect beautiful things from such places.

One such place that can give many Christmas souvenirs to cherish is Sweden. The marketplaces you will find here are charming and one should never miss them!

Let us see the Christmas souvenirs you can get here.

1. Designer Candlesticks

Sweden is quite creative in this respect. So you will find multiple varieties of candlesticks to adorn back home when you will be decorating your house for the grandiose festival of Christmas. The candlesticks are often used in great varieties within the house to bring more warmth and ambiance to Swedish homes. Pair the same with a White Christmas theme. Use them little by little to be able to use them for longer.

2. Festive Star

This is a famous paper craft from Sweden. It is a bold golden star made entirely out of paper hanging which makes any room more profound. It can be a great gift for kids. The big treat lies inside the big star. It also contains some light inside so the little holes made into them can pour out some light. Depending on the quality of the paper, the light kept in it glows prettier. Usually, a five-pointed star could also be a 6-12 pointed star.

3. Candy Bags

Knitted clothing is already in fashion for Christmas but what if some storage could borrow the same fabric too? We are acquainted with knitted handbags that have recently entered the scene again but the same thick knitted bags are common in Sweden. Here the bags are made in a conical shape with a soft handle to carry candies in them. Although hoarding candies might not be your thing, they can surely become cute souvenir pieces.

4. Dala Horse Ornaments

This ornament is specifically made for decoration and kids. The ornament is cut of wood and carved till a smooth finish is achieved. The horse shape, once it becomes reality, is drawn with designs to make it look fancier. Usually, the harness is drawn over the horse with some addition of maneuvering paint brushes. The Dala horse is often seen adorning a deep shade of red, with other Christmas colors painted over it.

5. Sami Jewelry

Sami jewelry is the local filament connected to Swedish culture. It is made with animal hide with groovings of metal braids, feathers, wool, etc. It is a unique jewelry-making culture of the Scandinavian region. With a solid design, you can find, necklaces, bracelets, finger rings, bands, and earrings, for yourself and also gift the same to your best people. This souvenir will stay with you till you want it to.


These souvenir options will keep you hooked for hours as they shine beautifully. You will also have a great time looking at the promising variety of souvenirs and decoratives. The explorative capability in a beautiful paradise like Sweden will surely blow your mind and bring bliss to you. You will enjoy the fact that despite the white Christmas spread across horizons, the shopping fever of the locals and the decorations have not been compromised even a bit. Come and cherish Christmas in Sweden uniquely!

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