Top Places You Must Visit During Your Trip To Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has not been the most favorite travel spot for the world’s travelers, simply because of the terrific history the place had but the county is growing to be an upcoming travel destination.
There’s something unique about the country that we believe every traveler must explore. The unique culture, serene views, stunning wildlife, captivating history, great food, simple and generous locals, everything makes the country one-of-its-kind.

If you’re planning to travel to Zimbabwe, we have compiled a list of the best places you must add to your itinerary. All these places are worth exploring!


Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is one of the most popular travel spots in the country. Every traveler visiting the country definitely visits Victoria Falls.
There is a very clear reason why people love to visit Victoria Falls. The Victoria Falls offers a breathtaking view all year round and thus is there on every traveler’s list. You’ll be amazed at how stunning the waterfall is, water cascading at the height of 355 ft renders a striking view. The waterfall is on the Zambezi River and is one of the world’s largest waterfalls.


Matobo National Park

Matobo National Park is a cross-shaped national park situated at the core of Matobo Hills. The national reserve is home to some of the world’s most prominent granite scenery and thus you must add this to your travel list.
The rocks in the park are mainly related to Stone Age Rocks, especially the walls of Nswatugi Cave that depict Stone Age Art. In the park, you can spot black eagles, white and black rhinos.
The park is extremely beautiful and a serene place, so if you want to enjoy some secluded time on your trip, you must visit the Matobo National Park.


Hwange National Park

If nature and wildlife are what inspire you, Hwange National Park is just the right spot to add to your travel itinerary.
With the vast assortment of wildlife species and nature, the park is loved by all the safari-goers. The teak groves, grass plains, alluring water hole (that’s the place where you can stalk lions), various wildlife species such as hyenas, wild dogs, lions, elephants, leopard, cheetah, and so on, it’s hard you won’t be impressed by Hwange National Park.
The best time to visit the Hwange National Park is from June to October.



Mutare is the fourth largest city in the country and is the best place to capture the captivating culture of Zimbabwe. Not only it’s the best place to witness city life but also the place offers endless striking natural scenery.
What makes the city the best and a must addition to your list is the perfect blend of modernity and nature. From

+0buildings to stunning naturalscape, you can see everything here.
The Bvumba Mountains just 10km southeast of the city makes the town even more gorgeous. From the serrated tops of the mountains, you will surely enjoy the mesmerizing view of the city.



If you want to explore the true colors and shades of Zimbabwe, you must add the rural town of the country, Chinhoyi to the list. The town is located on the west of the main way from Harare to Lusaka. There’s nothing fancy about the small town and that’s what makes the town a great addition as you get a chance to see another shade of the country.
The small town is also known for Chinhoyi caves so if you visit the town, do explore the Chinhoyi caves.

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