Travel Tips for Solo Female Traveler

There are very few people who would not likely accord to the idea of travelling. For those who do, there is no ending fun, thrill and adventure in travelling and we all know that. However travelling alone can be exciting for the first timers but there are some unknown anxieties or fear which slowly creeps in every now and then while your big day of tour summons near. Here are few tips and advice for the first time female solo traveler. Hope you find it useful!

Choosing a Destination- I definitely don’t mean to direct you or scare you here. But the idea is to make you understand how important it is to choose a destination which you can easily merge into and be safe and not much culture shock.

Getting to Know- this is one obvious aspect that you should know some basics and probably a bit more about a place when you plan to visit it for the first time. Because you’d be travelling alone make sure you know the least whereabouts about the place. Get yourself-equipped with knowledge from the internet.

Know Where You Need to be- have a detailed study about the hotels, costs, reviews. Try making a budget cost before you set for the tour. This will give you an idea of how much you’d be spending and how much you’ve got to spend.

Be Positive- a positive attitude is enough to win the world, well least we can assume. Stay positive before and during the trip. Your attitude is everything. Staying positive will keep you calm and enjoy more thus adding more to your beautiful memories.

Safety is All You Want- the main idea is to travel and enjoy but being safe is something which you need to consider equally important as travelling. While travelling alone the very important thing you must keep handy is your common sense. I don’t mean you shouldn’t be using it when with people though. On a serious note, you need to be familiar with the fact that it’s you who is in charge of yourself. Therefore consider booking your reservation in a safe area(do lots of research about hotels in safer area), don’t go getting lost-make sure not to walk past shady lonely streets, follow your instinct-something doesn’t feel right about a place? Leave right away the spot, dress decently-why am listing it out here because if it’s a traditional place you’re visiting, its better you dress appropriately.

Respect the Local Culturepeople tend to be very much sensitive towards their culture and heritage. Try to learn about the culture and heritage of the place you’re visiting. Not just that, respect it too.

Know What’s Going Around- Don’t day dream in unknown streets. It’s good to enjoy sights and sounds and possibly get lost in thoughts while watching something exotic. But then you cannot afford to lose consciousness (not literally). Keep an eye what’s going around you.

Get Along With People- travelling alone does not necessarily mean that you got to close yourself from everyone around you. Get to know the fellow traveler in your hotel or if someone happens to share your table. The person next to you might turn out to be a solo traveler too and might be a friendly companion to your travel to the local places.

Check on Your Course- Food is something that really entices us specially that urges to try out something new. But make sure you know what you’re eating. While you have a grub in the street or in the restaurant, see that you know what you’re ordering. If there is something that you’ve never tasted ask them about it.

Don’t be Scared- be confident and take pride because you’re that one pretty and lonely traveler. Explore, learn and in case you feel that you’re lost or the hand guide isn’t much handy, don’t hesitate to ask the way out.

Travelling is fun and travelling the right way will make your fun moments memorable.

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