Try These Cuisines For A Fun Nepal Trip

A wonder-filled mountainous landscape can offer a heartwarming lot of food to keep you going. This is exactly seen in this small country of Nepal carved out of the Himalayan region in South Asia.

Food To Try In Nepal

When you are planning a trip to Nepal, be sure to check out these hearty meal options that have taken inspiration from every corner that the country touches and that have the atoms from the difference in landscapes within the country. Here is the list of such foods that will make your journey most memorable and sweet.

1. Thukpa


A traditionally prepared Thukpa is the reason why every local remains tough throughout the year. The dish comprises soup made of vegetables and seasonings in which a portion of soft noodles is drowned. The soupy noodles can be found in vegan as well as meat options for those who love the richness of the broth. A staple in the region, it warms the heart, calms the soul, and empowers you to battle the tough life in the mountains.

2. Tibetan Beer

Tibetan Beer

Tibetan Beer is not for the faint-hearted, it calls for passion and togetherness in an individual, something that the locals are quite empowered with. It is brewed out of barley or rice hence the sweetness is far superior to what you think it would be. It looks way milkier than a regular beer and has some frizz you see. Many locals make it through finger millet and rice to add more richness and earthy tones to the beer.

3. Gundruk


Deemed the national dish of the country, it is flavored like any other pickle. No twists and complications, just the simple flavors of fermented vegetables. This one, hence, makes for a great condiment option whenever you are dining with your group. A variety of vegetables can be found in a typical Gundruk which resembles the cooking methods from further east. Your go-to warming foods in winter, for you to enjoy savory and tangy together!

4. Sel Roti

Sel Roti

A household name in Nepal, sel roti is a fried doughnut-shaped bread. It is crunchy and sweet and is often paired with much more powerful accompaniment for extra dazzle. Its light texture and potential to acquire flavors of its condiments effortlessly is the reason why people like to make it often in their homes. The light crispiness of rice calls for a powerful dip or gravy for the devourer to enjoy every bit.

5. Newari


Newari is a festive specialty of Nepalese food culture which is made out of dough fried in oil. The flat cake is then drenched in sweet syrup and is often enjoyed during special occasions or the months of local festivities. It spoils you with its every bite and has no regard for the diet-conscious you. You are sure to never have enough of it!

6. Yomari


This is a dumpling made out of sweet as well as savory ingredients and is quite a comfort food known locally. If you have been a fan of dumplings, dimsums, or wontons, this will hit you in surprising yet promising ways. The sweet and gooey inside of these dumplings fill the tourists with joy and is often packed with warmth for the tough you in the difficult terrains of Nepal. The savory one is derived from lentils.

Bottom line

This country offers a beautiful landscape for every nature lover and many adventurous and challenging activities in its lap to thrill enthusiasts. The good food options are just the cherries on top that envisage the great journey ahead. These Nepalese dishes are delicately prepared to encompass the simplicity of Asian food and cooking styles and are often subtly perceived to be the harbinger of cold nights and warm days. Such is the shift of temperature in the mountainous region of Nepal that entraps you in its tranquility.

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