Useful tips for solo female travelers visiting Sri Lanka

Traveling can be a great healer and one of the most therapeutic things to do when life feels too uncertain and all you want to do is take some break from all the mundaneness going around and unwind from your basic daily routine. While planning an expedition with your friends can be a great thing to do but traveling solo comes with its own set of merits that are plenty enough to convince you into traveling the world on your own. Nothing can be greater than being self-dependent and traveling solo is one of the best ways to show yourself that you are well capable of doing things on your own. While the idea of solo traveling should always be encouraged, a few risks and issues always follow especially when you are a female solo traveler.

Sri Lanka is a lovely destination and getting around here is considerably easy and less complicated. The country is home to some of the most idyllic beaches, exciting wildlife, and flourishing tea gardens, which make this place an ideal destination not only for families but for solo travelers as well. Although the country is deemed safe for solo female travelers, you can always take a few extra precautionary measures to ensure your safety in a foreign land.

To make sure that you have the most fun-filled time in Sri Lanka, we have jotted down a list of few traveling tips that will make you feel more secure and safer in the country.

Always carry necessities in your bag

No matter where you go, carrying a few necessities in your bag should always be your first priority. And when it comes to exploring Sri Lanka, always carry a few of these essential items like baby wipes, toilet paper, sarong for visiting temples, cash in small bills, and an emergency kit containing feminine products. You can also carry your own water bottle with you, which can be refilled at any restaurant or hotel. These baby wipes and toilet paper can come super handy when you cannot find one at the place you’re staying in. And it’s not easy to have quick access to feminine products when you are away from the city, therefore, always carry your preferred feminine products in your bag.

Avoid traveling alone at night

Traveling alone at night is not usually considered safe for females and it’s not only for Sri Lanka itself but almost every other place. Always avoid traveling anywhere at night, keep all the explorations for day time so that you don’t have to put your safety at risk while returning to your accommodation at night. However, on days, when it gets late, try not to take an empty tuk-tuk or walk home alone by yourself. Always try to travel in a group and you can also ask them to make the first stop at your place.

Dress appropriately

Sri Lankans can be a bit conservative and it’s best to respect their sentiments and beliefs. When it comes to exploring the cities of Sri Lanka, avoid wearing skimpy clothes and try to sport more conservative clothes. Also, whenever you are visiting any temple in the country, always make sure to dress appropriately, your legs and shoulders should always be covered, otherwise, you won’t be permitted entry. Keep your bikinis and skimpy pieces for the beach days as you will get plenty of such opportunities.

Always be wary of your surroundings

When you’re visiting a country that is foreign to you, it’s quite natural to expect some stares from strangers. You should always have your wits about you especially when you’re riding on public transport. Be very wary of your surroundings and always keep your eyes and ear open. Follow your first intuitions and gut feeling whenever you see anything strange happening around you. As a solo female traveler, it’s your responsibility to be well cautious of your surroundings. Just be confident with your head held high and do things that make you happy to make your trip more memorable.

Don’t shy away from asking for help

Traveling may come naturally to you but when you’re visiting a place for the first time, it’s always good to seek some guidance from locals and asking them for help. Sri Lankans are very hospitable and friendly in nature. They would make sure that you have a wonderful time on their land. You can seek their advice for the directions of a particular place as well as must-visit attractions in the country.

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