Virginia: Where History Recalls

This place is all soaked in history from being the most Civil War battlefields to being the home state of several Presidents, Virginia is one of the most sought for tourist destinations in United States.

Located in the southeast of USA, Virginia is a state resting alongside Atlantic coastline. There are a number of historic colonies and plantations some of the references you might have come across in popular novels. The place is also nicknamed as “Old Dominion” because of its status as the first English colonial established in the mainland North America. All lauded with history and natural beauty this place has got a wide number of tourist attractions and here are 6 places in you got to see while in Virginia.

  1. Mount VernonThis place served as a plantation house once. Among all other historic homes, Mount Vernon stands different with memories of George Washington who lived here. The designs and decors of the house dates back to the trends of the 18th century with 21 rooms. The house is made wood remained a family home of George Washington however years after the death if the first President, the property was owned by Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association; a philanthropic organization and the property was opened to public.  The house is built in Palladian style and the eastern façade faces the Potomac River. Today there is a museum and an education center on the grounds and consist the belongings of Washington. A must visit place to know the lifestyle and history of the first President of a powerful nation.
  2. Colonial WilliamsburgHere’s another place for history lovers to visit. The Colonial Williamsburg is one of those few places where you can get a gist of the history that sums the revolutionary period in America. The 18th century buildings are well maintained still or are recreated on their original setting giving a close view about how life was back then. This place once served as a podium or a platform for world leaders who stirred the world with their speeches. What else is amusing is that the costumed employees dress up and work just like the people of that era did. Their diction and grammar might also surprise you as they belong to that time. Buildings like the Capitol, the Governor’s Place, and the Courthouse are some of the places you should see to understand the history of America.
  3. Arlington National Cemeterya graveyard or cemetery of some of the most famous people in US history including the grave of President John F. Kennedy. Another important spot is the ‘Tomb of the Unknown Soldier’ which is carved in white marble and has honor guard watching over it 24 hours a day. The grave contains the remains of soldiers from the World Wars, the Vietnam Wars and the Korean Conflict. The cemetery is taken care of by the U.S. Department of D